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    Popular Project Ideas
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Use MIT App Inventor to create a personalized medicine-reminder app. [E]
    Build a simple computer [E] [E]
    Compare two generations of Intel microprocessors - Nehalem and Sandy Bridge - in regard to temperature, voltage and clock rate. [P]
    A novel solution for text entry not reliant on a traditional keyboard [P]
    Test if saving an image file in a different format will change the file size. [E]
    Test how the font style of the letters (or characters) in a file might change the size of the file. [E]
    Creating a Video Game for the Blind [E]
    Build a simple, and an advanced app for the iPad or iPhone. [P] [P]
    Create your own mobile app, by using the MIT App Inventor tool, and find out if crowdsourcing can be an effective way of cleaning up a school. [E]
    Use the Scratch programming language to make an interactive greeting card. [E]
    Build a browser programmed with Visual Basic [E] [P]
    Design an assembly-language control program for the microprocessors of a colony of nano-organisms (NANORGs) in a virtual world. [E]
    Are Your Passwords Secure over Public Wi-Fi? [E]
    The Password Paradox: "Rememberability" vs. "Guessability." Entropy and Human Factors in Password Creation [E]
    Build a Self-Driving Robot that Can Automatically Follow a Line [E]

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