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    DNA / RNA

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  • Primary School - Grades K-3
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Extract DNA from your own cheek cells and then use the same procedure on a strawberry to see if it also has DNA [E]
    Build a DNA Extraction Kit and use it to purify DNA from strawberries [E]
    DNA K-12 Experiments & Background Information
    What is RNA
    Interdisciplinary Topic: DNA
    Elementary School - Grades 4-6
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Purification and analysis of plasmid DNA [P] [P]
    The impact of temperature on DNA extraction [P]
    Determine if it is easier to extract more DNA from animal cells than from plant cells. [E]
    Can DNA be extracted from onions and observed with the naked eye? [E] [P]
    What are cells? [E] [P]
    DNA K-12 Experiments & Background Information
    What is RNA
    Interdisciplinary Topic: DNA
    Middle School - Grades 7-9
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Is the DNA of a Cow Different from a Chicken's? [E]
    Determine whether there is a correlation between an animal's genome size and cell nucleus size. [E]
    Inhibiting Chemosensory Function via Introduction of Anticonvulsant Ethosuximide for Net Extension of Schmidtea mediterr [E]
    Learn the basics about DNA sequences by examining some simple differences between groups of genes. [E] [E]
    Extract DNA from onion in sufficient quantity to be seen and spooled. [E]
    Comparing Nucleotide Sequences of Native Plants [E]
    Molecular Analysis of Blood Typing Compared with Traditional Serological Typing [E]
    Modifying Plant Characteristics By RNA Interference [P]
    The Effect of Temperature on DNA Extraction [E]
    Do Different Parts of a Plant Yield Different Amounts of DNA? [E]
    Research DNA replication (natural and unnatural) and repair. [P]
    Compare the weights and lengths of different onion species DNA. [E]
    DNA Testing: Commercial Kits vs. Household Methods [E]
    Determine which tested bio material produces the most extractable DNA/RNA by weight. [E]
    Determine if it is possible to dysfunction a gene through virus induced gene silencing. [E] [E]
    RNA Alignment Scoring Based on Covariance [E] [E]
    DNA K-12 Experiments & Background Information
    What is RNA
    Interdisciplinary Topic: DNA
    High School - Grades 10-12
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Solving the Mysteries of Reversible Messenger RNA Methylation [E]
    Can we use the chemoreceptors in our oral cavities to differentiate between different human genes in order to recognise or choose a potential reproductive mate? [P]
    Develop anti-protein (RPA2) antibodies which can be used in immunoabsorbent assays to detect and characterize DNA damage done by chemicals in a river. [P]
    Exploring DNA Damage: What Effect Do Ultraviolet Rays Have on Yeast Colony Growth? [E]
    Swine Flu Pandemic: Was the Fear Real? Development of a Real-Time PCR Assay to Detect the 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) Virus [E]
    Determine the inhibitory effects of novel three-membered heterocyclic compound-derived analogs on several nucleic acid polymerases in silico using molecular docking. [E]
    High Speed Detection of Chimeras Formed during PCR Amplification of 16S rRNA [E]
    DNA Barcoding as a Tool to Identify Commercially Marketed Fish [E]
    Biochemical Analysis of the Mechanisms of Cold Tolerance in Citrus [E]
    Sequence Comparison across Species as a Predictor of Gene Function [E]
    Effects of Solar UV Radiation on Super-coiled DNA [E]
    The Best Detergent for Plentiful DNA Extraction [P]
    Which Method is more effective for PCR? Conventional PCR versus real time PCR in detecting DNA [P] [E] [E]
    Determine how specific an antibody is when presented to proteins with similar amino acid sequences. [E] [E] [E]
    Preliminary siRNA Analysis of Genes Implicated in Neuronal Differentiation and Neurite Outgrowth [E] [E]

    The Effect of Charged Amino Acids on the Formation of Alpha-helical Structures [E] [E]

    The Electrical Transport of DNA across Periodic Cross-Pattern Surfaces [E]
    Investigation of Homopolymeric Runs in C. elegans Genome with Novel Model for Control Sequences [E]
    Test the hypothesis that nature prefers strands and helices in building biomolecules. [E]
    To optimize the PCR process and sequence amplified DNA [E] [E]
    Analyzing Interactions between mRNA Splicing and Transcription with Proteins BBP and BUR2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [E] [E]

    Observe similarities and differences in the DNA of various fruits and vegetables by extracting the DNA and performing gel electrophoresis. [E] [E]
    How widespread is the occurrence of spliceosomal introns in the nuclear-encoded rDNA of lichen-forming and free-living members of the Ascomycota [E] [E]

    Factors That Cause Degradation in Oncorhynchus (Salmon Fish) DNA [P]
    Repeat Meselson-Stahl experiment (demonstrate that DNA replication is semiconservative) [E] [E]
    Repeat Luria-Delbrück experiment (Demonstrate that in bacteria, genetic mutations arise in the absence of selection, rather than being a response to selection. Therefore, Darwin's theory of natural selection acting on random mutations applies to bacteria as well as to higher organisms.) [E]
    DNA K-12 Experiments & Background Information
    What is RNA
    Interdisciplinary Topic: DNA
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