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  • Popular Electronic Circuits
    C=Circuit Schematics
    Auto Burglar Alarms [C]
    150W MP3 Car Amplifier [C]
    Electronic Combination Locks [C]
    Zener Diode Tester (555 timer) [C]
    Doorbell for the Deaf [C]
    Quiz Circuit [C]
    Car Alarm and Immobilizer [C]
    Simple Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) [C]
    LED Torch [C]
    Basic UPS [C]
    The Modern Armstrong Regenerative Radio Receiver [C]
    Big Ben Sound [C]
    Simple Intercom System (3 transistors) [C]
    Garden Sprinkler and Drip Timer Project [C]
    Battery Voltage Checkers [C]
    Insect Repellent Circuit [C]
    More Circuits by Topic

    Alarms & Security
    Audio & Sound
    Clocks, Timers & Counters
    Detectors, Sensors & Indicators
    Electronics Games
    Cars & Motorcycles
    Computers / PC
    Lights & LEDs
    Power Supplies
    Sound Effects
    Control & Interface
    Test & Measurement
    Electronics Science Fair Projects
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    Electrical Safety [R] [R]

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