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  • Elementary School - Grades 4-6
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Research principles of color perception by experimenting with various combinations of colored lights. [E]
    Explore how peripheral vision is influenced by the objects' shape and color. [E]
    How are Teardrops Formed? [P]
    Everything you could ever want to know about the eye [P]
    A few taste experiments - the functions of the nose, tongue, saliva, vision. [E]
    Investigate Optical Illusions. [P]
    The Effect of Light Intensity on Visual Acuity in Sixth Graders [P]
    Measure the Peripheral Vision [E]
    Explore how your pupil changes size to control how much light enters your eye. [E]
    Explore how your eye and brain hold on to a series of images to form a single complete picture. [E]
    How does one’s handedness affect foot, eye, and ear preference? [P]
    How Focus Affects Blinking [E]
    Ears and Hearing Science Fair Projects & Experiments
    Taste and Smell Science Fair Projects & Experiments
    Middle School - Grades 7-9
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Determine which car color is best seen in fog. [E]
    Discover the Science Behind Afterimages. [E]
    Measure the adjustment time of the human eye when coming from sunlight to a dark room compared to the adjustment time when coming from artificial lighting to a dark room [E]
    Will girls perceive optical illusions with a higher percentage of accuracy than the boys? [E]
    Determine if the color of your eyes affects your vision? [P]
    The Effect of Pupil Dilation on Peripheral Vision [E]
    Determine if visual acuity with and without corrective lenses affects the perception of hidden 3-D images. [E]
    The Impact of Light Intensity and Color on Visual Acuity [E]
    Determine whether the dominant or recessive eye is better in depth perception. [E]
    How individuals differ in their ability to detect delays between visual and auditory input? [E]
    Find out how isolated eyes process information. [E]
    Research and Demonstrate the Blind Spot. [E] [E] [E]
    Research and Demonstrate Color-Blindness [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [P]
    Do boys have a natural advantage to perceive the depth of an object? [P]
    How does eye color affect peripheral vision? [E]
    Determine if the color of a person's eye affects the vision in light and darkness. [E]
    The effects of eye color, skin color, and age on the retinal glare recovery test. [E]
    The Human Eye (how we see) [P]
    Is there a relationship between light intensity and the ability to recall images?
    Ears and Hearing Science Fair Projects & Experiments
    Taste and Smell Science Fair Projects & Experiments
    High School - Grades 10-12
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Investigate Emmert's law, which is the basis for the full moon illusion. [E]
    Test the chromatic adaptibility of human eye using test pictures involving light and color. [E]
    Determine if age affects the size of the human blind spot. [E]
    Determine if all three different types of cone cells (green, blue, and red light-sensitive pigment cells) on the human retina fatigue at the same rate. [E]
    Discover if the pigment of the eye has any effect of pupil size.
    Ears and Hearing Science Fair Projects & Experiments
    Taste and Smell Science Fair Projects & Experiments
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