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    Effects of Temperature on Bacteria, Algae and Fungi
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    Microbiology Projects

  • Viruses & Bacteria
  • Light & Bacteria
  • Temperature & Bacteria
  • Algae
  • Diatoms
  • Phytoplankton
  • Coliforms / E. coli
  • Fungi

  • Primary School - Grades K-3
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Research the survival ability of tardigrades (water-dwelling, segmented micro-animals, with eight legs) [P] [P]
    Elementary School - Grades 4-6
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    The effect of temperature on the cleanliness of dishes - what temperature of water kills microorganisms best? [E]
    The effect of temperature on the growth of yeast [P]
    What Temperature Will Kill the Most Bacteria? [P]
    The Effect of Temperature on Bacteria Growth Rate [P]
    The Effect Of Extreme Freezing On Bacteria [P]
    Effects of Light on Bacteria Algae & Fungi
    Middle School - Grades 7-9
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Examines the levels of harmful bacteria that grow in baby food after it has been opened and used in both refrigerated and room temperature environments. [E]
    The Effects of Light, Temperature, and Volume on Yeast Enzyme Activity [E]
    Determine how temperature of milk affects the viscosity of yogurt (the activities of bacteria). [E]
    Find out whether red algae would grow more quickly in warm or in cool temperatures. [E]
    The Effect of Four Incubation Temperatures on Three Types of Bacteria [P] [P]
    Effects of Light on Bacteria, Algae & Fungi
    High School - Grades 10-12
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Enhancement of Algae Lipid Composition through the Manipulation of Temperature, Light, and Nutrient Levels [E]
    Investigates the effect of decreased pH and increased temperature on the ability of algal coral symbionts to use photosynthesis. [E]
    The Effects of Different Colored Lights on Algal Oxygen Production [E]
    Does global warming affect bacterial bleaching of coral? [E]
    Effects of Atmospheric CO(2) on the Nitrogen Production Capabilities of Trichodesmium [E]
    Effects of Light on Bacteria, Algae & Fungi
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