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  • Elementary School
    Learn about natural ingredients, food preservation, food poisoning, and helping the fight against hunger. [P]
    Guide dogs and the blind [P]
    Children's Rights [P]
    Youth Health [P]
    Reading and Literacy [P]
    Alzheimer’s disease and the elderly [P]
    Poverty [P]
    Depression [P]
    Apraxia Disorder [P]
    Dwarfism [P]
    What can we do to keep peace in our world? [P]
    Adopt a Grandparent [P]
    Welfare Of The Elderly In The U.S. [P]
    Drug Abuse [P]
    Time for Tolerance [P]
    Mafia Secrets [P]
    Elderly people issues [P]
    Homelessness and Homeless Shelters [P] [P] [P] [Resource]
    Health Care for the Homeless [P]
    The Elderly [P]
    Dental Care For The Homeless [P]
    Mothers and Daughters [P]
    Kindness, what for? [P]
    Racism [P]
    Farms and Farming [P]
    Middle School
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    An Analysis of Sociological Factors Affecting the Decision to Donate Organs in US Sub-populations [E]
    Research your Family History and Genealogy
    How has rock and roll impacted today's society? [P]
    A Dollar a Day [P]
    Child Labor in Turkey [P]
    Modern Slavery [P]
    Children Labor [P]
    Cultural Differences [P]
    Why Waste Time on Television? [P]
    Speak, Listen, and Learn [P]
    Starving Nations [P]
    High School
    To raise the awareness of the global issue of world hunger and devise innovative solutions to help alleviate the problem. [P]
    What is Child Labor? [P]
    Slavery [P]
    Psychology and Social Psychology [P]
    African American and Hispanic male health issues [P]
    Teen Smoking [P]
    AIDS in Africa [P]
    Volunteer programs available in Portland [P]
    The history of Chinatown in Seattle and its immigrants [P]
    Children of War [P]
    Gender and equality [P]
    Leadership [P]
    TV Violence [P]
    TV ratings system and US regulation, advertising, public service television. [P]
    The Victimization of Filipina Women [P]
    Inequality in access to information technology [P]

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