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    Earthquake Resources
    K-12 Level

    Earthquake Resources

    1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire Resources
    Tsunami Resources

    Earthquakes for Kids
    What is an Earthquake?
    USGS Earthquake Hazards Program - For Kids
    What is an earthquake?
    What is an Earthquake?
    Earthquakes, Why do they happen? - BBC
    Earthquake Video - National Geographic
    Earthquakes - PBS KIDS GO!
    Learn About Quakes and Get Prepared!
    Ready.gov for Kids

    FAQs, Q&A
    Earthquake FAQs - USGS
    Frequently Asked Questions about Earthquakes (FAQ)
    Earthquake Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently asked questions about earthquakes

    General Earthquake Resources
    1868 Hayward Earthquake Alliance
    October 21, 1868 Hayward Fault Earthquake - USGS
    Earthquake Science Explained - USGS
    California Earthquake Authority (CEA)
    Daly City Earthquake of 1957 - Richard Marsden
    The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 - Dana & Vera Reynolds Collection, Brown University
    Faultline - Exploratorium
    Southern California Earthquake Data Center Home
    Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology - IRIS
    Earthquakes: Frequently Asked Questions - USGS
    Earthquakes - USGS
    Life Along the Faultline - The Exploratorium
    The Earthquake Shake - TheTech
    Seismology Section Home Page- AGU
    NATURE: Forces of the Wild - PBS
    Natural Disasters & Severe Weather - CDC
    Wellington Scrapbook: The 1910 Avalanche Disaster - historylink.org

    Glossaries and Dictionaries
    Earthquake Glossary - USGS
    Glossary of Earthquake and Related Terminology
    Glossary: Earthquakes - ThinkQuest
    Earth Sciences Dictionary and Glossary

    Earthquake Timeline
    History of deadly earthquakes
    Japan earthquake: timeline of the disaster, from tsunami to nuclear crisis
    Japanese earthquake: Timeline
    Earthquake Timelines

    1906 Earthquake and Fire - Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco
    1964 Alaska Earthquake - Anchorage Museum
    Earthquakes - Natural History Museum

    1908 Messina earthquake stamps

    Humor & Trivia
    Earthquake Facts
    Earthquake quiz
    Earthquake Jokes
    Volcano Jokes and Earth Sciences
    Dinosaur Jokes and Paleontology
    Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Weather Jokes
    ABAG Earthquake Info Kids Zone

    Science Fair Projects

    Science Experiments

    Related Subjects
    Natural Disasters
    Earth Sciences
    Geology Resources
    Volcano Resources
    Tornado Resources
    Hurricane Resources
    Tsunami Resources
    Weather Resources

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