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    Famous Electro Sciences Scientists, Inventors and Engineers
    Electricity, Magnetism, Electronics, Electrochemistry
    K-12 Level

    Famous Electro Scientists, Inventors and Engineers
    1752: Benjamin Franklin, American: The kite experiment (also the invention of the lightning rod)
    1780: Luigi Galvani, Italian: Galvanic Cell
    1785: Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, French: Coulomb's Law
    1800: Alessandro Volta, Italian: The invention of the Voltaic Pile
    1820: Hans Christian Oersted, Danish: electromagnetic / magnetic field
    1826: André-Marie Ampère, French: Ampère's Law.
    1827: Georg Simon Ohm, German: The discovery of Ohm's Law
    1831: Michael Faraday, English: discovered electro-magnetic induction (also field theory; Faraday cage).
    1832: Hippolyte Pixii, French: alternator
    1834: Heinrich Friedrich Emil Lenz, Russian: Lenz's Law
    1835: Joseph Henry, American: electromechanical relay
    1838: Samuel Morse, American: The invention of the telegraph
    1839: Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, French: Photoelectric Effect
    1840: Sir Charles Wheatstone, English: Potentiometer (Rheostat)
    1840: James Prescott Joule, English: Joule's law (also the discovery of the mechanical equivalent of heat).
    1845: Gustav Kirchhoff, German: Kirchhoff's Laws
    1861: James Clerk Maxwell, Scottish: Maxwell's equations which describe the properties of electric and magnetic fields and their interactions with matter
    1867: Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, German: Gauss's Law
    1876:Alexander Graham Bell, Scottish-American: The invention of the telephone
    1879: Edwin Hall, American: Hall Effect
    1882: Thomas Alva Edison, American: Electric power distribution (also light bulb (1879), phonograph, carbon microphone, kinetograph & kinetoscope, fluoroscope, alkaline storage battery).
    1886: Heinrich Hertz, German: The discovery of radio waves
    1886: William Stanley, American: transformer
    1889: Almon Strowger, American: Telephone Switching System (Telephone Exchange)
    1893: Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American: AC electric power and distribution (also AC motor, robotics, remote control, radar, radio).
    1895: Pierre Curie, French: ferromagnetism
    1896: Guglielmo Marconi, Italian: The invention of radio
    1897: Joseph John (J.J.) Thomson, British: the discovery of the electron
    1897: Charles Proteus Steinmetz, (German-American): Alternating current (AC) calculations (also hysteresis, theory of electrical transients)
    1898: Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge, British: moving-coil loudspeaker
    1904: John Ambrose Fleming, English: diode (vacuum tube)
    1906: Lee de Forest, American: Vacuum Tube
    1909: Robert Millikan, American: The Oil-Drop Experiment
    1909: Ernst Alexanderson, Swedish-American: radio frequency generation
    1914: Edwin Howard Armstrong, American: Regenerative Circuit FM Radio
    1915: Clarence Melvin Zener, American: Zener Diode
    1923: Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, Russian-American: television employing cathode ray tubes
    1924: John Logie Baird, Scottish: The invention of the mechanical television
    1928: Julius Edgar Lilienfeld, Austro-Hungarian: Electrolytic Capacitor
    1929: Herman Affel, American: coaxial cable
    1938: Walter H. Schottky, German: Schottky Diode
    1941: Konrad Zuse, German: The invention of the computer
    1946: Russell Ohl, American: Photovoltaic Cell (Solar Cell)
    1947: John Bardeen, William Shockley, and Walter Brattain, Americans: invented the transistor.
    1956: Robert Adler, Austrian-American: television remote control
    1973: Martin Cooper, American: Cell Phone
    2007: Marin Soljacic, Croatian: WiTricity

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