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    Hurricane Resources
    K-12 Level

    Hurricanes for Kids
    Hurricanes - Kidstorm
    Hurricanes for Kids
    What are Hurricanes?
    How do hurricanes form?
    Hurricane and Tropical Storm Pictures - National Geographic Kids
    Hurricanes & Hazardous Weather Information Guide For Kids
    Hurricanes - National Geographic
    Hurricanes - Environment - National Geographic
    Hurricane Glossary
    Hurricane Main Menu - Miami Museum of Science

    Hurricane Safety
    Hurricane preparedness tips: before, during, and after - Ready.gov
    The National Hurricane Survival Initiative
    Food Safety Information for Hurricanes, Power Outages, & Floods - FDA
    Mold Prevention & Hurricanes - CDC
    Repairing Your Flooded Home - American Red Cross
    Hurricane Safety
    Hurricane Safety Checklist

    Hurricanes FAQ - NOAA
    Hurricanes FAQ: Answering The Basic Questions On Hurricanes
    Hurricanes and Global Warming FAQs - Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
    Hurricane FAQ: Hurricane Questions, Tropical Weather|

    Glossaries and Dictionaries
    Hurricane: Know the Terms - FEMA
    Glossary of Hurricane Terms - National Hurricane Center (NHC)
    Hurricane, tropical cyclone glossary - USATODAY.com
    Hurricane Glossary

    Hurricane Timeline - NOAA
    Interactive History Hurricanes Timeline
    500 years of hurricane history - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com
    Hurricane Timelines
    Timeline of Hurricane Katrina

    National Hurricane Museum & Science Center
    Hurricane Main Menu - Miami Museum of Science

    Apia Hurricane Centenary (1889 - 1989)
    A Philatelic Look at the Weather

    Humor & Trivia
    Volcano Jokes and Earth Sciences
    Dinosaur Jokes and Paleontology
    Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Weather Jokes
    ABAG Earthquake Info Kids Zone
    Fun Stuff - USGS
    Test your hurricane IQ
    Hurricane Trivia and Quizzes

    Science Fair Projects
    Hurricanes: Topics, Ideas, Resources and Sample Projects

    Science Experiments
    Hurricane K-12 Experiments & Background Information

    General Hurricane Resources
    Severe Weather Page - Coft
    Hurricane Watch! - Education World
    NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (NAMMA) Mission Summary
    Evaluation of the New Orleans Hurricane Protection System during Hurricane Katrinas - IPET
    Hurricane Season: Have a Plan for Your Companion Animal - PeTA.org
    Marine Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Katrina - NOAA
    Hurricane Digital Memory Bank: Preserving the Stories of Katrina, Rita, and Wilma
    Hurricane Katrina: the Aftermath - New Scientist
    Rebuilding the Gulf Coast - PBS
    Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Names - NOAA
    Hurricane Wilma Hits Mexico Coast - BBC
    The 1900 Storm: Galveston, Texas - Galveston Newspapers Inc
    Hurricane Center - NOLA.com
    National Hurricane Awareness Week - NOAA
    National Hurricane Center - NOAA
    Hurricane Season - Infoplease.com
    Websites on Climate and Weather for Teachers and Students
    Hurricane - FEMA
    Hurricanes - NOAA
    Canadian Hurricane Center
    The Hurricane Hunters
    Hurricanes: Facts, Photos, Videos - National Geographic
    GeoTopics: Weather and Climate - Internet Geography
    Hurricanes - Scholastic
    Natural Disasters & Severe Weather - CDC

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