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    Military Technology Inventions
    K-12 Level

    The Atomic Bomb

    Military Technology Inventions
    Sling - 3rd millennium BC, Mediterranean area
    Warship - 8th century BC, Phoenicia (galley)
    Catapult - 4th century BC, Ancient Greece
    Gunpowder - 11th century, China
    Cannon - 12th century, China
    Land mine - 1277, China
    Rifle - 15th century, Europe
    Pistol - 16th century, Europe
    Naval mine - 16th century, China
    Machine Gun - 1718, James Puckle, Great Britain
    Submarine - 1775, David Bushnell, United States (Turtle)
    Torpedo - 1800, Robert Fulton, United States
    Revolver - 1814, Elisha Collier, United States (flintlock)
    Pointed Bullets - 1823, Captain John Norton, British Army
    Dynamite - 1867, Alfred Nobel, Sweden
    Automatic Rifle - 1882, General Manuel Mondragon, Mexico (Mondragon rifle)
    Radar - 1904, Christian Huelsmeyer, Germany
    Bomber Aircraft - 1911, Italy
    UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) - 1916, Elmer Sperry and Peter Hewitt, United States (Hewitt-Sperry Automatic Airplane)
    Tank - 1916 (World War I), Great Britain, France
    Ballistic Missile - 1930s, Nazi Germany (V-2)
    Walkie-Talkie - 1938, Al Gross, Canada
    Cruise Missile - 1939, Fritz Gosslau, Nazi Germany (V-1)
    Night Vision - 1939, United States
    Nuclear Weapon - 1940s, United States
    Jet Engine - 1940s, Nazi Germany, United Kingdom
    Spy Satellite - 1961, United States (Corona)
    GPS - 1970s, United States Navy, United States Department of Defense

    Famous Military Technologists
    Robert Oppenheimer: the Manhattan Project's scientific director.
    Andrei Sakharov: the "father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb".
    Race for the Superbomb 1941-1963 - PBS
    Physics Biographies - Atomic Archive

    Military Technology Timelines
    History of Rocketry - Spaceline
    Missile Defence Timeline - PBS
    Timeline of UAVs - PBS

    Military Technology on Pictures
    Military Aviation Photo Gallery - paulnann.com
    An Illustrated History of World War One

    Science Fair Projects and Experiments
    Aviation & Aerodynamics
    Arrows & Projectiles
    Ships & Boats

    Military Technology Resourcs
    Air & Space Power Course - Air University
    Spies That Fly - PBS
    Federation of American Scientists - FAS
    Atomic Almanac - atomicarchive.com
    Missile Wars - PBS
    Military Aviation Photo Gallery - paulnann.com
    An Illustrated History of World War One
    The Sander's Homepage
    How Biological and Chemical Warfare Works - How Stuff Works
    Global Security.org

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