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    Natural Disaster and Hazard Resources
    K-12 Level

    Natural Disaster and Hazard Resources

    1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire Resources
    Earthquake Resources
    Volcano Resources
    Tornado Resources
    Hurricane Resources
    Tsunami Resources

    Natural Disasters for Kids
    Natural Disasters for Kids - ESA
    Natural Disasters & Weather - National Geographic
    Natural Disasters Videos, Games and Lessons
    Kids - Ready.gov
    Natural Disasters for Kids
    Kid's Hazards Quiz - NOAA
    Talking to Kids About World Natural Disasters

    Natural Disasters for Teachers
    Natural disasters teaching activities - Global Education
    Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters: School Activities for Children
    Teaching about Natural Disasters
    Natural Disasters - FREE Teaching and Learning Resources
    Helping Children After a Natural Disaster: Information for Parents and Teachers

    Disaster & Hazard Preparedness
    Helping Children After a Natural Disaster - NASP
    Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters - University of Illinois
    Preparing for Severe Weather - University of Illinois
    Natural Disasters & Severe Weather: Emergency Preparedness and Response - CDC
    Are You Ready? - FEMA
    Natural Disaster Preparedness - NAHB
    Disaster Preparedness - statefarm.com
    Weather Safety and Awareness Publications for Children and Adults - NOAA
    Earthquake Preparedness & Response - USGS

    Science Fair Projects
    Natural Disasters
    Earth Sciences

    Experiments and Class Activities
    Earth Sciences K-12 Experiments & Background Information

    Trivia and Humor
    Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Weather Jokes
    Volcano Jokes and Earth Sciences
    Dinosaur Jokes and Paleontology
    ABAG Earthquake Info Kids Zone
    Fun Stuff - USGS

    General Natural Disaster Resources
    Southern California Wildfires - NPR
    California Wildfires - U.S. National Library of Medicine
    Battling California's Wildfires
    Southern California Wildfires - Los Angeles Times
    The Disaster Era - FEMA
    Natural Disasters for Kids - ESA
    KidsStorm - Sky Diary
    Natural Hazards - Earth Observatory (EO), NASA
    NATURE: Forces of the Wild - PBS
    Natural Disaster - Wikipedia
    Natural Disasters: Destructive Forces of Nature - thinkquest
    World Bank's Hazard Risk Management
    Natural Disasters - FactMonster

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    Weather Resources
    Earth Sciences

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