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    General Science Biography Resources
    K-12 Level

    General Science Biographies

    Elementary/Middle/High School Level
    Scientists, Science and Humor
    Notable Scientists - Fact Monster
    Famous Scientists - famous-scientists.net
    SJSU Virtual Museum
    Biographies: The Scientists - Blupete
    Index of Science Biographies - Lucidcafe
    Top 100 People - Life
    Scientists, Inventors and Explorers - Garden of Praise
    Biography - The Open Directory

    Middle/High School Level
    Biographies of Scientists and Mathematicians - usefultrivia.com
    Scientist Heroes
    100 Scientists and Thinkers - Time.com
    The Hall of Science and Exploration
    People and Discoveries - PBS
    Brief Biographies of Famous Scientists - Rev. Jan's Happy Atheist Page
    Today in Science History
    One Thousand Years of Scientific Thought - timelinescience.org

    General Science Biography - High School Level
    Science and Technology Biographies - Cartage
    Famous Scientists

    General Science Biography - High/College School Level
    Scientific Biographies - Eric Weisstein
    Science Biographies - light-science.com
    Science Biographies - NAHSTE
    Biographical Memoirs - National Academies Press
    Dictionary of Scientific Biography

    General Science Timelines
    Chronological Summary of Inventions and Scientific Theories & Discoveries
    Chemical Engineering, Science & Technology
    Nature Thinkers and Philosophers
    Science, Science Education and Technology Timeline - Georgia State University
    Timeline for the History of Science and Social Science - studymore.org.uk
    Online Science Timelines
    Lots of Science & Technology Timelines - AlternaTime

    Scientists on Stamps and Images
    Sci-Philately - Buffalo University
    Science Philately - Cartage
    Scientific Identity: Portraits from the Dibner Library - Smithsonian
    Caltech Archives PhotoNet
    Smith Collection of Images - University of Pennsylvania Library
    People and Professions: Scientists and Inventors - picturehistory.com
    History for Sale
    Scientists and Inventors - Find a Grave
    British National Portrait Gallery

    General Biography Resources

    Elementary/Middle/High School Level
    Fact Monster
    The Catholic Encyclopedia
    Biographical Dictionary
    Encyclopedia Britannica 1911 Edition
    Columbia Encyclopedia

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