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    Famous Zoologists and Zoology Resources
    K-12 Level

    Notable Zoologists
    René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumer (1683 - 1757), French scientist: demonstrated that the fermenting action of stomach juices is a chemical process.

    Claude Bernard (1813 - 1878), French physiologist: develop the concept of the stability of the internal bodily environment (homeostasis).

    Karl von Baer (1792 - 1876), Estonian naturalist, biologist and a founding father of embryology: was the first to observe a mammalian egg within an ovary.

    Christian Heinrich Pander (1794 - 1865), Baltic-German biologist and embryologist: studied the chick embryo and discovered the germ's three layers in 1817.

    Antoine Lavoisier (1743 - 1794), French nobleman, chemist and biologist: analyzed respiration as a form of combustion.

    Theodor Boveri (1862 - 1915), German biologist: demonstrated that chromosomes show continuity from one cell generation to the next.

    Theodosius Dobzhansky (1900 - 1975), Ukrainian-American geneticist and evolutionary biologist: discovered that the species is the basic unit of evolution.

    Hermann Muller (1890 - 1967), American geneticist: used X rays to induce mutations in the fruit fly, thereby initiated major studies on the nature of variation.

    Rudolf Virchow (1821 - 1902), German doctor, anthropologist, pathologist and biologist: best known for his work on cellular pathology and biogenesis (the belief that living things come only from other living things).

    Jane Goodall (1934 - ), British primatologist and anthropologist: the world's leading authority on chimpanzees.

    Most Outstanding Zoology Resources
    The University of Florida Book of Insect World Records

    Zoology for Kids
    Zoology (Grades K - 8) - Kids.gov
    History of zoology
    Science Careers: Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist
    Search for Your Favorite Animals - National Geographic Kids
    Wild Animal Facts and Pictures - National Geographic
    Endangered Species Animal Fact Sheets - Kids' Planet

    Zoology for Teachers
    The Secret Lives of Wild Animals - National Science Foundation
    Animal Teachers - National Geographic Little Kids
    What's A Mammal? - Discovery Education
    PBS Teachers - Science & Tech Animals: Mammals
    Biodiversity for kids - Teacher's Guide

    Zoology Biographies (Zoologists)
    Timeline of zoology
    Zoologists - Fact Monster

    Glossaries and Dictionaries
    Zoology Glossary - UCMP
    Anomal Glossary
    Animal Words (English/French) Picture Dictionary

    Timeline of zoology
    Animal Sciences’ Discoveries Timeline
    Historical Timeline of the Animal Rights Movement
    Animal Timeline

    Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan
    Grant Museum of Zoology
    University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge
    Zoological Museum of Moscow University

    Baby Animals Quiz
    Animal Quizzes - National Geographic
    Animal Classification Quiz

    Zoology and Zoologists on Stamps and Images
    Antarctic Animals - NOAA
    Cryptozoology and Philately

    Science Fair Projects and Experiments
    Zoology Science Fair Projects and Experiments
    From Pavlov to the Skinner Box

    General Zoology Resources
    Equine Science Publications - Texas A&M University, Department of Animal Science
    The Amphibian Ark
    Coral Reef Animal Printouts - EnchantedLearning.com
    Coral Reef Protection - EPA
    Welcome to Corals - NOAA
    The Coral Reefs - .oceanwonderland.com
    Skunks - Dragoo Institute
    Tasmanian Wildlife Fact Sheets - Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service
    Animal Sound & Video Catalog - Macaulay Library
    Polar Bear - Wikipedia
    Bear Facts - Polar Bears International
    Polar Bears in Recent Decades - NOAA
    Virtual Fetal Pig Dissection.- Earl W. Fleck, Ph.D.
    Birdfeeders Information & Tips - birdfeedersinfo4u.com
    Giraffe Pictures and Facts
    Australia's Lost Kingdoms - lostkingdoms.com
    Elephant Voices
    Crane Migration - Operation Migration
    Journey North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration: Monarch Butterfly - learner.org
    Asian Elephants - Smithsonian
    Kangaroo and Wallaby - San Diego Zoo
    Monterey Bay Aquarium: Online Field Guide
    Secrets of the Ocean Realm: Sea Dwellers - PBS
    Saint Louis Zoo
    Dolphin Research Center
    Wild Animal Watch: Dolphins - Scholastic
    Animals in Japanese Paintings and Prints - Pacific Asia Museum
    The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
    The Gorilla Foundation - Koko.org
    Gorillas in Congo: Blog from the Virunga Gorilla Park
    Welcome to Bat Conservation International
    Leeches - Australian Museum
    North America's Destination for Birding on the Web - eBird
    Marine Ornithology
    John James Audubon's Birds of America
    Animal Terms - University of Alberta
    Bird Education Network
    North America Animals - Canadian Museum of Nature
    Snakes of North America - Doug Henderson, Dennis Paulson (University of Puget Sound)

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