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A system for alternative fuel production and storage using chicken feathers and fat [View Project]
A Portable Photocatalytic Electricity Generation and Water Purification Unit [View Project]
Biodegrading Naphthenic Acids using Sand Bioreactors in Bitumen Extraction from Oil Sands [View Project]
An Innovative AAC Device for people with Developmental Disabilities [View Project]
Novel Antibiotics in mango ginger (Curcuma amada) [View Project]
Sand filters and the biodegradation of toxic naphthenic acids in tailings ponds [View Project]
Creating a facility for farming on the planet Mars [View Project]
Free Energy: The Science of Perpetual Motion Machines [View Project]
Global Neural Network Cloud Service for Breast Cancer Diagnosis [View Project]
Can cinnamon prevent Alzheimer’s disease by sensitizing cells to insulin? [View Project]
Controlling Food Intake Speed with Electronic Circuitry [View Project]
Neem tree extracts as antibacterial, antifungal and pesticidal agents [View Project]
The Effectiveness of Cholesterol Lowering Home Remedies Compared to Medication [View Project]
Improving Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells Using Lead Phthalocyanine [View Project]
The Utilization of Gold Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Malignant Prostate Cancer Cells [View Project]
Typing Biometrics [View Project]
Increase the heat of combustion of ethanol by the addition of ethyl acetate and Jatropha oil. [View Project]
Establish a natural substance for teeth whitening [View Project]
Should antioxidants like vitamin E, be administered along with edelfosine to cancer patients? [View Project]
Compare natural antacids with chemical antacids. [View Project]
The use of a webcam visual system for trajectory estimation [View Project]
Build and Use a Sextant or Quadrant [View Project]
A new method for measuring toxicity of chemicals replacing the LD50 test [View Project]
Managing Greenhouse Gas Exchange in a Constructed Wetland [View Project]
Microbial Oil Spill Bioremediation [View Project]
Zinc Phytoremediation with the Indian Mustard [View Project]
Increase wind velocity by creating a hole in an airfoil [View Project]
An innovative passive high-precision photovoltaic panel tracking system [View Project]
Ethanol from grass cellulose [View Project]
Explore Automotive Seat Design [View Project]
The invasive nature of smooth brome and creeping thistle [View Project]
Study of tropospheric ozone using OSIRIS and TOMS data. [View Project]
Compare the gaming performance of six different graphic cards [View Project]
A Dynamic Analog Concurrently-Processed Adaptive Neural Network Chip [View Project]
Investigate the Toxicity of Silver Amalgam Fillings [View Project]
Evaluate the chemicals in chopsticks and their health effects after a prolonged use. [View Project]
Test if the PVC plasticizer DEHP can be replaced by organic alternatives. [View Project]
Bacteria survival & sterilization by bleach and iodine on aquaculture materials [View Project]
Show that soybean chemiluminescence levels can be altered by an oxidizing agent [View Project]
Test if adding ash to paint will enhance its fire-extinguishing characteristics [View Project]
Rice Enzymes and a possible food-grade inhibitor in order to prevent spoilage [View Project]
Is the Monarch butterfly put at risk from the pollen of Bt corn (GMO) [View Project]
The development of a plant-based vaccine against SARS-CoV [View Project]
Investigate proteomics, proteins and protein PAX3 [View Project]
Test the Effect of Grapefruit Juice on Anti-Cholesterol Drugs [View Project]
Factors That Cause Degradation in Oncorhynchus (Salmon Fish) DNA [View Project]
Circadian rhythms in Russian giant sunflowers [View Project]
The effects of plant regulators (auxins and cytokinins) on different tomato genotypes [View Project]
The effect of different pH water levels on coloring agents (pigments) in different flowers. [View Project]

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