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High School Chemistry Science Fair Projects
Free Project Examples by Grade Level

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High School Science Fair Project Ideas and Examples

Using Banana Peels in the Production of Bio-Plastics [View Project]
Deoxygenation using visible light photoredox catalysis [View Project]
Explore remarkable molecules - Buckyballs & Buckytubes. [View Project]
Which is more stronger: plexiglass or glass? [View Project]
Determine if energy released during chemical reactions can be stored by stopping it [View Project]
Test water for pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphates, coliform bacteria, iron and hardness [View Project]
Compare natural antacids with chemical antacids. [View Project]
Is it possible to make snowflake-like crystals with other substances than water? [View Project]
Test if the PVC plasticizer DEHP can be replaced by organic alternatives. [View Project]
Effects of temperature of a PEM fuel cell and electrolyser system [View Project]
The Excess of Detergent Left on Clothes after Washing By Different Laundry Detergents [View Project]
Bacteria survival & sterilization by bleach and iodine on aquaculture materials [View Project]
Show that soybean chemiluminescence levels can be altered by an oxidizing agent [View Project]
Sodium polystyrene sulfonate use as a subtituent solvent to ether in Li-ion battery [View Project]
Corn ash's fire extinguishing capacity compared to other commercial fire extinguishers [View Project]
Oil industries and the cracking process [View Project]
Test if adding ash to paint will enhance its fire-extinguishing characteristics [View Project]
Analysis of soil samples for their components, ability to hold moisture, fertility and pH [View Project]
The effect of different pH water levels on coloring agents (pigments) in different flowers. [View Project]
Compare the antioxidant effects of natural and synthetic food preservatives. [View Project]
Investigate the Toxicity of Silver Amalgam Fillings [View Project]
Evaluate the chemicals in chopsticks and their health effects after a prolonged use. [View Project]

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