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  • Acids & Bases
  • Air
  • Animals
  • Bacteria
  • Bioinformatics
  • Caffeine
  • Carbon
  • Cell Phones
  • Christian
  • Colors
  • DNA
  • E. Coli
  • Energy
  • Evolution
  • Fire
  • Flowers
  • Gases
  • Going Green!
  • Gold & Silver
  • Google Projects
  • Gravitation
  • Hydrogen
  • Ice
  • Infrared Radiation
  • Intelligence
  • Lasers
  • Magnets
  • Mass & Matter
  • Memory
  • Metals
  • Music
  • Nanotechnology
  • Oxygen
  • Pesticides
  • Plants
  • Salt & Sugar
  • Smoking
  • Soil
  • Sound
  • Spanish
  • Sports
  • Sun & Light
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Transportation
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Water
  • Waves
  • Weather

  • The Orchid Grower - A Juvenile Forensic Science Adventure Novel

    The Orchid Grower
    A Juvenile Science Adventure Novel about Orchids and Genetic Engineering
    Environmental Sciences
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Determine the effect of acid rain exposure time and pH levels on animals (daphnia). [P]
    Will wells located near animal pens be more likely to show fecal contamination than wells that are not near animal pens? [P]
    The effects of liquid fertilizer on an aquatic environment containing small aquatic animals and plants. [E]
    Which environmental pollutant - motor oil, used transmission fluid, used antifreeze - has the most effect on aquatic plants and animals (elodea and daphnia)? [E] [E]
    See if toxins are able to travel through the water cycle. If It remains toxic? How Toxic? Can this effect our crops and does this provide dangers to animal life. [E]
    How different deicers affect the survival of plants and animals? [P] [P] [P] [P] [P]
    A scientific method to accurately measure which washing solution was most effective in cleaning the petroleum off the birds in an oil spill [E]
    Using plants to recycle fish ammonia [E]
    The Effect of Fertilizer on the Hatching Rate of African Dwarf Frogs [E]
    Endangered Species
    Daphnia Experiments
    Freshwater Pollution
    Test if using biomimicry can improve the design of a very simple aircraft, the whirlybird. [E]
    Which instruments are used to recreate bird songs and bird calls in classical music? [E]
    Investigate different foot adaptations of water birds to see if they increase the speed of swimming. [E]
    Comparing the Strength of Different Types of Fishing Line [P]
    Find out which out of three fishing poles will cast a weight the farthest. [E]
    How Can Temperature, Weight and Stress Strengthen or Weaken a Standard Fishing Line and How Long It Takes to Break? [E] [E]
    A Study of the Double Fisherman's Knot Efficiency [E]
    Exploring Protein Similarities with Bioinformatics Tools to Establish Reasonable Animal Models for Disease Research [E]
    Determine if it is easier to extract more DNA from animal cells than from plant cells. [E]
    Determine whether there is a correlation between an animal's genome size and cell nucleus size. [E]
    Analyze evolutionary links among fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals through protein fingerprinting (protein electrohporesis). [E]
    DNA Barcoding as a Tool to Identify Commercially Marketed Fish [E]
    Factors That Cause Degradation in Oncorhynchus (Salmon Fish) DNA [P]
    Behavioral Sciences / Psychology
    Animal Cruelty and Abuse [P]
    Comparative Psychology
    Can marinating chicken prior to grilling reduce carcinogens? [P]
    Does Viewing Animal Pictures Positively Affect Cardiovascular Health? [E]
    Animal testing: pros and cons [P]
    What is Avian (Bird) Flu? [P]
    How to Prevent Salmonella [P]
    Research the nervous system and construct a model of the neuron. Use a frog leg or crayfish claw to demonstrate how the nerves react to electrical shocks. [E]
    Food Science
    The Effect of Anhydrous Ammonia on the Dehydration Rate of Plant vs. Animals Cell (Food Preservation) [P]
    Test if people can tell the difference between a soy based food product and an animal based food product. [E]
    Are Organic and Nonorganic Store Bought Birds (Chickens) Equally Infected with Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria? [E]
    Cooking & Baking
    P=Project   E=Experiment   C=Circuit
    Build your own bat detector. [E]
    Solar & Renewable Energy
    Generate electricity by evaporating water using a Classic Drinking Bird [E] [E]
    Earth Sciences
    Identify grazing animals using Google Earth and determine if they have aligned themselves with Earth's magnetic field. [E]
    Find out if animals can predict natural disasters. [E]
    Can earthquakes be predicted by lost pet ads? [E] [E]
    The Frog That Learned to Fly (Magnetic Levitation) [E] [E]
    How Accurately Can Direction Be Determined by Animals using Echo Location? [E]
    Botany and Agriculture
    Determine if manure from a horse (through a change in the animal's diet), can be used as effectively as steer manure when utilized as plant fertilizer. [E]
    Are Organic and Nonorganic Store Bought Birds (Chickens) Equally Infected with Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria? [E]
    A system to collect physical marine data using hardware, error compensating algorithms, and data distribution methods. [P]
    Investigate natural poisons and venoms related to plants and animals. [P]
    Biomes, Ecosystems and Habitats
    Land Animal Ecology
    Marine Ecology
    Population Ecology
    Animal Genetics
    Genetic Engineering
    Zoology Science Fair Projects and Experiments
    Interdisciplinary Topics
    Future Science
    Animal Detector Belt: detects and warn the user about the presence of dangerous animals. [P]
    In the future, a satellite-based Global Tracking System will map the location of wild animals to help avoid car accidents. [P]
    The Pet Dream Automatic Pet Door creates a permanent stain on a pet's ear that enables the unlocking a pet's door when the animal approaches. [P]
    Robot Ick Disposer (R.I.D.) finds pet waste which can be used for fuel or compost. [P]
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