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  • The Orchid Grower - A Juvenile Forensic Science Adventure Novel

    The Orchid Grower
    A Juvenile Science Adventure Novel about Orchids and Genetic Engineering
    P=Project   E=Experiment
    Comparative Studies of Gold Nanoparticles as Chemical Sensing Materials and Toxins: Electronic Tongue vs. Electronic Nose [E]
    Magnetic Field Modulation for Assembly and Manipulation of Responsive Nanoscale Optical Systems [E]
    Create composite materials comprised of porous silicon nanofilms infiltrated by various polymers. [E]
    Characterization and Optimization of the Bonding Forces of a Novel Silicon Nanowire Gecko Biomimetic Adhesive [E]
    A Novel Nanocrystalline Chlorophyll-Based Photoelectrochemical Cell: H2 Production via the Light-Driven Redox of Seawater [E]
    Bright, Luminescent Silicon Nanoparticles for Biological Applications [E]
    Luminescent Silole Nanoparticles for Chromium (VI) Detection [E]
    Green Preparation and Characterization of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanocrystals [E]
    Control of Hydrophilicity in Nanoporous Zeolite Film by Organic Functionalization [E]
    Novel Approach for the Self-Assembly of Gold Nanorods [E]
    The Synthesis of Silicon Nanoparticles for Macrophage Cellular Imaging in Atherosclerosis [E]
    Find the optimal potential range and finest set of conditions for the synthesis of Bismuth Telluride nanowires. [E]
    Future Science
    A Better Method of Testing for Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports: Nanobiosensors - A Lab on a Chip. [P]
    Anti-reflective surface treatments using nanotechnology to reduce windshield light glare. [P]
    D.A.P.E.S. (Diabetes Assistance and Prevention E-System) implants a nanosensor in a tooth to analyze harmful food intake for adolescent diabetics. [P]
    Passenger Tire Waste Heat Recovery System employs nanotechnologies to recycle heat energy lost from automobile tire deformation. [P]
    Nano Mist regulates glucose levels to improve the quality of life for diabetics. [P]
    SCNCM (Self Constructing Nano-Collector Molecules): in dialysis, it locates impurities in the blood and deposits them into an artificial kidney before being eliminated into the urinary system. [P]
    Visible-Light Photocatalysis uses nanotechnology to detoxify and clean polluted water and air. [P]
    Nano Snippit-Bot :Revolutionizing Brain Tumor Removal [P]
    A Nano-robot capable of traveling through the human body, locate the dangerous tumor, and destroy it. [P]
    The Nanoclotterator (NCR) can eliminate blood clots in even the smallest capillaries. [P]
    Zinc air batteries for affordable, renewable energy storage [P] [P]
    Determine if macro, micro and nano scale polystyrene and acrylic beads will self-assemble under a magnetic field when placed in a superparamagnetic medium [E]
    Find which dye results in the best power output and fill factor (FF) of solar cells built using nanocrystals sensitized to visible light by plant-extract dyes. [E]
    Design an assembly-language control program for the microprocessors of a colony of nano-organisms (NANORGs) in a virtual world. [E]
    Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Using Tissue Adhesive Hydrogel with Cell-Membrane Coated Nanotherapeutics [E]
    Development of a Novel Quantum Dot-Aptamer Bioconjugate Targeted Cancer Therapy [P] [P]
    Can Silver Nanoparticles Neutralize E. coli Bacteria? [E]
    Diagnosis of disease by nanotechnological means [P]
    A Novel Configuration of Carbon Nanotubes to Selectively Target Chemotherapy-Resistant Cancer Stem Cells [E]
    Synthesis of Fluorescent Silica Nanoparticles Conjugated with RGD Peptide for Detection of Invasive Human Breast Cancer [E]
    Biodegradable Nanoparticles: A Novel Approach to Chemotherapy [E]
    A Novel Treatment for Biofilms Using Nanocurcumin, Chitosan, and nAg, and an Innovative Coating in Preventing Biofilms [E]
    Cell Wall Formation from Marine Diatom Protoplasts: Implications for Novel Transformation and Nanotechnology Techniques [E]
    Impact of Nanoparticles on Human Analogs [E]
    Modeling the Toxic Effects of Silver Nanoparticles under Varying Environmental Conditions [E]
    Environmental Sciences
    Detecting the environmental dangers of nanomaterials [P] [P]
    Solar Light Assisted nanoZnO Photo Catalytic Mineralization- The Green Technique for the Degradation of Detergents [P]
    Study the efficiency of separating oil from water using various amounts of ferrofluid and a strong neodymium magnet. [E]
    The Effect of Titanium Dioxide TiO(2) Nanoparticles on E. coli Growth in the Presence of Light [E]
    Find a practical way to purify water, using nanoparticles as a photocatalytic agent [E]
    Concurrent Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Water and Hydrogen Production using TiO2 nanotubes [P]
    The effect of photosensitization of Fullerene-based Nanoparticles on Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) generation and toxicity to viruses in various aqueous environments. [E]
    Toxicity of Carbon Nanotubes in Daphnia magna [P]
    Renewable Energy
    A new low-cost nanowire solar cell was constructed using environmentally-friendly synthesis, and a new tool was designed for rapid characterization. [E]
    Future Science and Technology
    Immunotargeted DNA Nanostructures: restoring functionality to the infarcted heart (10-12) [P]
    Developing soft micro-stencil (SMS) lithography for the fabrication of electrodes on nano-materials (10-12) [P]
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