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About Jokes and Science

Jokes and Science is a collection of K-12 science jokes and humor by topic with science factoids, pictures, quotes and links interspersed throughout the site describing science history and prominent scientists' work and life.

Most joke sections are focused on one prominent scientist - life and work - and the science he represents.

The jokes are short, not complicated or abusive.

The purpose of this site is to present another science education tool through entertainment and curiosity.

Pay notice: In some cases, anecdotes and quotes presented in this site could not be verified as authentic and are just attributed to scientists or thinkers but nevertheless they are very inspiring and funny.

The sections of this site:

Astronomy Jokes and Space Explorers
Among other topics: Yuri Gagarin, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Tycho Brahe, Apollo 11, the Hubble Space Telescope, rockets, The Solar System Quiz.

Darwin Jokes and Evolution
Among other topics: biology, evolution theory, the Beagle voyage, orchids, The Human Genome Project, Russel Wallace, Robert Fitzroy, The Charles Darwin Quiz.

Chemistry Jokes and the Periodic Table
Among other topics: the periodic table, the atom, alchemy, Democritus, Roger Bacon, Niels Bohr, Lothar Meyer, Dmitri Mendeleev, The Periodic Table Quiz.

Dolly Jokes, Genetics and Cloning
Among other topics: Gregor Mendel, Mendelism, Mendel's pea plants experiments, heredity, genetic engineering, The Human Genome Project, DNA.

Computer and Internet Jokes
Among other topics: Charles Babbage, Augusta Ada King (Countess of Lovelace), artificial intelligence, Bill Gates, the Difference Engine, the Analytical Engine.

Dinosaur Jokes and Paleontology
Among other topics: Tyrannosaurus rex, why did dinosaurs become extinct?

Volcano Jokes and Earth Sciences
Among other topics: geology, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami, Richter Scale, Pompeii, paleontology, dinosaurs.

The Albert Einstein Experience: Jokes, Relativity and Black Holes
Among other topics: light, relativity, black holes, the twin paradox, time, why is the sky blue? The Albert Einstein Quiz, What did Einstein invent? Einstein links.

Science Quotes From Kids
Among other topics: rainbows, sun clocks, the sun, thunder and lightning, water, clouds and rain, weather, living things, plants, physics, Newton's cannon, astronomy, fossils and dinosaurs, dogs, genetics.

Math Jokes and Archimedes
Among other topics: Pythagoras, Euclid, pi, Plutarch, Apollonius of Perga, Archimedes' tomb, calculus, spherical geometry, hyperbolic geometry.

Medical Jokes and Medicine Milestones
Among other topics: Ancient Egypt Medicine, mummification, Maimonides, Black Plague, Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis, Edward Jenner, immunology, Rosalind Franklin, discovery of the structure of DNA.

Physics Jokes and Newton
Among other topics: Descartes, Aristotle, Plato, Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli, Enrico Fermi, Niels Bohr, The Principia, Newton's cannon, Kepler's laws, Newton's telescope

Psychology Jokes and Sigmund Freud
Among other topics: Sigmund Freud's work, what is psychoanalysis, what is a freudian slip.

Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Weather Jokes
Among other topics: What is the difference between a hurricane and a tornado? Which is more dangerous, a hurricane or a tornado? hurricane and tornado statistics, Robert Fitzroy, storm chasers and hunters.

Miscellaneous Science Jokes

New Science Jokes

Science Trivia
A directory including some nice science humor links collected from all over the web - games, jokes, cartoons, quizzes and trivia by topic

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