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Create bricks from a Martian-like ground cover, and measure how strong these bricks are. [E]
Investigate how different particles can become rings of Saturn [E]
Construct a sundial and research the techniques different cultures use to study time. [E]
Calculate the Size of the Sun and Moon [E] [E]
Investigate constellations and some of the myths / stories behind them. [P]
Learn about how and why NASA false-colors x-ray images; then follow the same procedure to create your own images and compare them to the NASA ones. [E]
The size of a meteorite vs. the size of the crater it makes upon impact [E]
Use a NASA asteroid database to identify asteroids that may be feasible destinations for early asteroid mining missions. [E]
Which planet in our solar system (other than the Earth) has the safest environment for humans to live on? [P]
Investigate how the phases of the moon correspond to the changing tides [E]
Measure the diameter of the sun [E]
Determine which stars to use to navigate in each hemisphere of the globe. [E]
Is the Cosmic Ray Flux Greater at Higher Altitudes Than at Lower Altitudes? [E]
Follow in the steps of Tycho Brahe and build and use a sextant or quadrant [E]
Are solar flares harmful to your health? [P]
Measure the distance to some distant, small objects using motion parallax. [E]
Are We Alone in the Universe? [E]

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