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Is Jesus Mentioned in the Old Testament?

The answer depends whether your attitude towards the Bible is religious or historic.

From a religious point of view the answer is yes. Christian doctrine identifies some verses in the Old Testament as prophesizing the advent of Jesus Christ. (Psalm 22:16; Zechariah 11:13; Isaiah 53:7)

From an historic point of view the answer is as follows:

All those "predictions" in the Old Testament are only retrospective adaptations by the gospel authors. All those prophecies mentioned ( Isaiah, Psalms, etc.) outline the traditional mission of the Jewish people among the nations or refer clearly to other personalities like King David and by any means do not refer to any future personality. Those ideas were adopted retrospectively by the Gospel authors in order to amplify Jesus Christ's personality. The same argumentation is employed by Muslims about Muhammad in order to enhance his and the Muslim religion authority.

More about the Christian interpretation of these prophecies.

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