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Bible and Dinosaurs
How Old is the World?

Dear Webmaster,

According to the Bible the world exists 6000 years, than how science can tell that dinosaurs have already existed for millions of years ago?


Dear Reader,

In your question is presented a basic assumption that there is a discrepancy that should be settled.

But there isnít any discrepancy here since religion and science are different concepts and by any means they are not intended to reinforce of refute each other. And as a matter of fact, religion and science are totally different disciplines like parallel lines that never meet and they shouldnít, and therefore they are not comparable and contradictable to each other.

Science is based on repeated observations and allows errors and mistakes that advance scientific knowledge and therefore from a philosophy of science point of view science is never true, whereas religion, on the other hand, is based on belief which does not allow mistakes and is perfect (since God is involved) and thatís the reason that from a theological point of view, religion is always true and irrefutable. Science allows the refutation of its scientific concepts according its own principles but you canít do it the same with religion.

One can compare two basketball players and tell which one is better and also itís possible to compare two writers but by any means you cannot compare a writer with a basketball player and ask who performs better, even if the writer writes about basketball (like in our case when science and religion address the same issue). It is futile to ask the question ďwho performs better, the basketball player or the writer?Ē - any reasonable answer could be given to that. On the other hand, it makes sense to compare two religions or two sciences.

So, when a religious science teacher, for example, is asked about evolution in school during a science class, he can say that world is a few millions of years old, and heís right, and on a Sunday school class, the same teacher can safely answer that the world exists only a few thousands of years, and he is right again Ė without the need to feel any internal contradiction.

For this reason, itís ridiculous when some people advocate the inclusion of creationist ideas into science lessons. There is nothing wrong with creationism besides the fact that it belongs to religion or philosophy classes and not to science - itís like teaching gym in literature classes when the student will end without gym and without literature.

But how this phenomenon is possible at all? Thereís only one answer to this: the human brain is not an objective machine but mostly subjective like the world around us is interpretated by it.

Julian Rubin,
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