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    Economics of Car Ownership
    Studies and Background Information

    Studies and Resources

      Background Information

    • Economics of automobile usage - Wikipedia [View Experiment]
    • Compare the Costs: Buying vs. Leasing vs. Buying a Used Car [View Experiment]
    • Economy car - Wikipedia [View Experiment]
    • Car sharing - Wikipedia [View Experiment]
    • Transport economics - Wikipedia [View Experiment]
    • Effects of the automobile on society - Wikipedia [View Experiment]

      Studies and Research Projects

    • The Effect of Car Ownership on Employment: Evidence from State Insurance Rate Regulation [View Experiment]
    • Automotive Life Cycle Economics and Replacement Intervals [View Experiment]
    • Automobile Fuel; Economy and CO2 Emissions in Industrialized Countries [View Experiment]
    • Experimental Economics in Transportation: A Focus on Social Influences and the Provision of Information [View Experiment]
    • Social Sustainability Through Transportation Equity and Job Access in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area [View Experiment]
    • Impact on Car Ownership of Local Variation in Access to Public Transport [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • The Car in Canada: A Study of Factors Influencing Automobile Dependence in Canada’s Seven Largest Cities, 1961-1991 [View Experiment]
    • The Interaction Between Distance To Work And Vehicle Miles Traveled [View Experiment]
    • The Use of Pseudo Panel Data for Forecasting Car Ownership [View Experiment]
    • Personal tradable carbon permits for road transport: Heterogeneity of demand responses and distributional analysis [View Experiment]

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