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    Energy Density of Fuels
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      Background Information

    • Energy density [View Experiment]

      K-12 Experiments, Labs and Science Fair Projects

    • What Type of Fuel Has the Greatest Energy per Unit Mass? [View Experiment]
    • Students will calculate the energy density of various fuels in order to determine which fuel is more efficient in producing while minimizing carbon dioxide production [View Experiment]
    • Lesson Plan – Biofuels Production and Use [View Experiment]

      Studies and Research Projects

    • Effect of Natural Gas Fuel Addition on the Oxidation of Fuel Cell Anode Gas [View Experiment]
    • High-Areal-Density Fuel Assembly Experiments for the Fast-Ignitor Concept [View Experiment]
    • Verdict on the Hydrogen Experiment (page 22) [View Experiment]
    • High Energy-Density Liquid Rocket Fuel Performance [View Experiment]
    • High Energy Density Fuel Cell Systems: Up to 8 times higher than existing battery technologies [View Experiment]
    • High-Energy Density, Room-Temperature Carbonate Fuel Cell [View Experiment]
    • Evaluation of the Combustion Characteristics (Energy Density) of Four Perennial Energy Crops [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Improving the Energy Density of Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle (HHVs) and Evaluating Plug-In HHVs [View Experiment]
    • Fuel Cell Distributed Generation: Power Conditioning, Control and Energy Management [View Experiment]
    • Extending the Endurance, Missions and Capabilities of Most UAVs Using Advanced Flexible/Ridged Solar Cells and New High Power Density Batteries Technology [View Experiment]

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