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    Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Controversy
    Articles, Studies and Background Information

    Articles and Studies

      Background Information

    • Bowl Championship Series - Wikipedia [View Rsource]
    • BCS controversies [View Rsource]
    • BCS vs. Playoff System [View Rsource]

      Articles and Studies

    • Congress to look into 'deeply flawed' BCS system [View Rsource]
    • BCS controversy catchup in college football [View Rsource]
    • Debating the Bowl Championship Series Again [View Rsource]
    • The Bowl Championship Series: A Mathematical Review [View Rsource]
    • Testimony of Craig Thompson at Hearing on the Bowl Championship Series [View Rsource]
    • A Consistent Weighted Ranking Scheme with an Application to NCAA College Football Rankings [View Rsource]
    • The Influence of the Bowl Championship Series on Competitive Balance in College Football [View Rsource]
    • A New Application of Linear Modeling in the Prediction of College Football Bowl Outcomes and the Development of Team Ratings [View Rsource]
    • BCS Controversy: Why the BCS Will Be Dead After the 2013 Season [View Rsource]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Least squares model for predicting college Football scores [View Rsource]
    • Fandom, media consumption, and college sports knowledge: a survey of college undergraduates [View Rsource]

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