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    Brahmagupta's Formula
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      Brahmagupta's formula gives the area of a general quadrilateral given the lengths of its sides and two angles.

      In its basic form, Brahmagupta's formula gives the area of a cyclic quadrilateral (inscribed in a circle) whose side lengths are: a, b, c, d:

      where s is the semiperimeter:

      Background Information

    • Brahmagupta's formula - MathWorld [View Resource]
    • Brahmagupta's formula - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Who Was Brahmagupta? - Full MacTutor biography [View Resource]
    • Proof of Brahmagupta's formula - PlanetMath [View Resource]
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      K-12 Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

    • Triangular Discoveries: A Look into Heron's Formula and Beyond [View Resource]
    • The Quadratic Formula Explained [View Resource]
    • Investigate whether it's possible to expand Hero’s Theorem and Brahmagupta’s Formula to find the area of any convex pentagon/hexagon [View Resource]

      Articles and Studies

    • A Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem From Heron's Formula [View Resource]
    • Heron, Brahmagupta, Pythagoras, and the Law of Cosines Expository Paper [View Resource]
    • Mechanical Formula Derivation in Elementary Geometries [View Resource]
    • Cyclic Polygons with Rational Sides and Area [View Resource]
    • Relationship Between Shadow Length and Time of Day [View Resource]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Some congruence properties of Pell’s equation [View Resource]
    • Solvability of polynomial equations over finite fields - DIMACS [View Resource]

      See also:

    • Heron's Formula [View Resource]

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