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    Computer Audition & Music Information Retrieval
    Articles, Studies and Background Information

    Articles and Studies


      Computer Audition (CA) is the field of science dealing with audio understanding by machines.
      Music information retrieval (MIR) is the science of the retrieval of information from music.

      Background Information

    • Computer Audition - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Computer Audition Tutorial [View Resource]
    • Music information retrieval - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Music Information Retrieval & Visualization [View Resource]

      Studies, Research Projects and Articles

    • Human perception and computer extraction of musical beat strength [View Resource]
    • Towards an Interactive Framework for Robot Dancing Applications [View Resource]
    • Music analysis workflow [View Resource]
    • Sparse multi-label linear embedding within nonnegative tensor factorization applied to music tagging [View Resource]
    • Pitch Histograms in Audio and Symbolic Music Information Retrieval [View Resource]
    • Time Series Models for Semantic Music Annotation [View Resource]
    • Semantic Annotation and Retrieval of Music and Sound Effects [View Resource]
    • A Study on Feature Selection and Classification Techniques for Automatic Genre Classification of Traditional Malay Music [View Resource]
    • Information Retrieval in Digital Libraries of Music [View Resource]
    • Computer Music Analysis [View Resource]
    • Musescape: an interactive content-aware music browser [View Resource]
    • Identifying Words that are Musically Meaningful [View Resource]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Manipulation, analysis and retrieval systems for audio signals [View Resource]
    • Design and Development of a Semantic Music Discovery Engine [View Resource]
    • Collection of thesis abstracts and outlines [View Resource]
    • Learning the Meaning of Music [View Resource]
    • Underdetermined Source Separation Using Speaker Subspace Models [View Resource]

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