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    GPS Signals
    Articles, Studies and Background Information

    GPS Signal Resources

      Background Information

    • Global Positioning System (GPS) - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Transmission of GPS Signals [View Resource]
    • GPS signals - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • GPS modernization [View Resource]
    • What is GPS? [View Resource]
    • The GPS signals [View Resource]

      K-12 Atricles and Science Fair Projects

    • Test whether errors in GPS (global positioning system) signals are correlated with geomagnetic storm activity in the ionosphere. [View Resource]
    • Brewster's Angle Effect on GPS Multipath [View Resource]
    • UK 'over-reliant' on GPS signals, engineers warn [View Resource]
    • New Wireless Internet Network Threatens GPS Signals Across U.S [View Resource]
    • Wireless expansion plan would eat GPS signals, critics say [View Resource]

      Studies, Research Projects and Articles

    • NAVSTAR GPS User Equipment Introduction [View Resource]
    • GPS: Essentials of Satellite Navigation Compendium [View Resource]
    • Navstar GPS Space Segment/Navigation User Interfaces [View Resource]
    • Navstar GPS Space Segment/Navigation User Interfaces [View Resource]
    • Navstar GPS Space Segment/User Segment L1C Interfaces [View Resource]
    • GPS Signal Simulation Toolbox: Customized MATLAB-based tools for GPS data analysis & signal processing [View Resource]
    • Bistatic collection and processing of modernized GPS signals [View Resource]
    • IMES for Mobile Users Social Implementation and Experiments based on Existing Cellular Phones for Seamless Positioning [View Resource]
    • The Space GPS Reflectometry Experiment On the UK Disaster Monitoring Constellation Satellite [View Resource]
    • A model for GPS-GDOP prediction in urban Environment using LiDar data [View Resource]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Behavioral VHDL Implementation of Coherent Digital GPS Signal Receiver [View Resource]
    • Open source software for commercial off-the-shelf GPS receivers [View Resource]
    • Autonomous Robot Navigation With The Use Of GPS [View Resource]
    • FPGA frequency domain based GPS coarse acquisition processor using FFT [View Resource]
    • Approaches for the Combined Tracking of GPS L1/L5 Signals [View Resource]

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