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    Zero-Sum Games
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    Zero-Sum Game Resources


      A zero-sum game describes a game or situation in which when the total gains and losses of the participants are added up they will sum to zero.

      A non-zero-sum game: for example is a casino game taking in account the house's rake making it a non-zero-sum game.

      Background Information

    • Zero–sum game - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Non-Zero sum games [View Resource]
    • Zero-Sum Game Definition [View Resource]
    • Zero-Sum Games [View Resource]
    • What is a solution to a zero-sum game? [View Resource]
    • Prisoner's dilemma [View Resource]

      K-12 Science Fair Projects and Resources

    • Determine whether, in a two-player zero-sum contest, a player would choose a seemingly more powerful strategy, or select a less obvious strategy, recommended by game theory, in an attempt to outwit an opponent. And which strategy would prove more fruitful? [View Resource]
    • Is Life A Zero Sum Game? [View Resource]
    • Capitalism is not a zero sum game [View Resource]

      Advanced Articles, Studies and Research

    • Game Theory: Two-Person Zero-Sum Games [View Resource]
    • Game Theory and Zero-Sum Games [View Resource]
    • Beyond the Zero-Sum Game: Toward Title Protection for Intergroup Solidarity [View Resource]
    • Strategic interaction in iterated zero-sum games [View Resource]
    • Positive- versus zero-sum majoritarian ultimatum games: An experimental stud [View Resource]
    • Nonmetric test of the minimax theory of two-person zerosum games [View Resource]
    • Is Forex Trading a Zero-Sum Game? [View Resource]
    • The Winners and Losers of the Zero-Sum Game: The Origins of Trading Profits,. Price Efficiency and Market Liquidity [View Resource]
    • Not a Zero-Sum Game: The Paradox of Exchange [View Resource]
    • Using intelligent search techniques to play the game Khet [View Resource]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • A discrete computational aesthetics model for a zero-sum perfect information game [View Resource]
    • Empirical Evaluation of the Bayesian Learning Automaton Family [View Resource]
    • Game Theoretic and Machine Learning Techniques for Balancing Games [View Resource]
    • Algorithmic and complexity aspects of simple coalitional games [View Resource]

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