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    Peer Review Resources


      Peer review is the process of submitting an author's scholar work for the evaluation of others who are experts in the same field (peers) in order to assure quality. It is mainly used by publishers to evaluate submitted manuscripts and by funding organization for grant awarding.

      Background Information

    • Peer Review Definition [View Resource]
    • Peer review - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Open peer review [View Resource]
    • Peer review: benefits, perceptions and alternatives [View Resource]
    • Ethics of Peer Review: A Guide for Manuscript Reviewers [View Resource]

      K-12 Lesson Plans

    • Lesson Plan: Peer Review and Collaboration Using Chat Tools and/or Voice Recorders [View Lesson Plan]
    • Lesson Plan: Peer Review and Collaboration Using Chat Tools and/or Voice Recorders [Lesson Plan]
    • Lesson Plan Builder Manual [View Lesson Plan]
    • Resume Writing Lesson Plan [View Lesson Plan]
    • Peer review letters - Lesson Plan [View Lesson Plan]

      College Experiments, Studies and Articles

    • Understanding Revision Planning in Peer-Reviewed Writing [View Lesson Plan]
    • Peer Review and Legal Publishing: What Law Librarians Need to Know about Open, Single-Blind, and Double-Blind Reviewing [View Experiment]
    • Peer Review in Canada: Results from a Promising Experiment [View Experiment]
    • Scholars Test Web Alternative to Peer Review [View Experiment]
    • Nature's trial of open peer review [View Experiment]
    • Comprehensive Study of Peer Review in California [View Experiment]
    • Peer review unmasked [View Experiment]
    • Peer review: benefits, perceptions and alternatives [View Experiment]
    • Peer Review Panels - Purpose and Process [View Experiment]
    • The (Frustrating) States of Peer Review [View Experiment]
    • The Peer Review Process [View Experiment]
    • Reproducibility of peer review in clinical neuroscience: Is agreement between reviewers any greater than would be expected by chance alone? [View Experiment]
    • Involving students in peer review [View Experiment]
    • Criteria of the peer-review process for publication of experimental and quasiexperimental research in Psychology [View Experiment]
    • Experimental Physical Chemistry Peer Review Evaluation Form [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Exploring Physiotherapists’ Participation in Peer Review in New Zealand [View Thesis]
    • Increasing competence assessment in nursing: facilitating a portfolio approach [View Thesis]
    • Corporate Chaplaincy and the Development of Inverse Leadership [View Thesis]

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