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    Blue Energy & Osmotic Power
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    Blue Energy Experiments and Studies


      Blue energy is the renewable energy derived from the difference in the salinity where seawater and fresh river water meet (converge).

      Background Information

    • Osmotic power - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Osmotic power [View Resource]
    • Blue Energy: A potential source of renewable energy [View Resource]

      K-12 Articles

    • Norway opens world's first osmotic power plant [View Experiment]

      College Experiments, Labs, Studies and Articles

    • Blue Energy (salinity power) in The Netherlands [View Experiment]
    • Greening Blue Energy: Identifying and managing the biodiversity risks and opportunities of offshore renewable energy [View Experiment]
    • Recent Developments in Salinity Gradient Power [View Experiment]
    • Salinity Gradient Solar Pond Technology Applied to Potash Solution Mining [View Experiment]
    • Ocean Energy: Forms and Prospects [View Experiment]
    • Blue Energy: electricity production from salinity gradients by reverse electrodialysis [View Experiment]
    • Empowering Blue Energy: Ionic responses to external fields and the application of this response to power generators based on capacitive double layer expansion [View Experiment]
    • Reverse electrodialysis (RED) and pressure-retarded osmosis (PRO) experiments [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Blue Energy: electricity production from salinity gradients by reverse electrodialysis [View Experiment]
    • A reverse osmosis treatment process for produced water: Optimization, process control, and renewable energy application [View Thesis]
    • Ocean Electric Energy Extraction Opportunities [View Thesis]


    • Installation for harvesting energy of tides (IHET) in shallow waters (US Patent 7661922, 2010 ) [View Patent]
    • Power generating means (US Patent 3587227, 1969) [View Patent]
    • Semi-permeable membrane for use in osmosis and method and plant for providing elevated pressure by osmosis to create power (US Patent 7563370, 2009) [View Patent]

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