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    Switchgrass as a Source for Cellulosic Ethanol
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    Switchgrass Experiments and Studies


      Switchgrass is a summer perennial grass that is dominant in North America. Switchgrass is rich in cellulose, a good source for cellulosic ethanol.

      Cellulosic ethanol is a biofuel produced from feedstocks, grasses and plant waste containing cellulose.

      Cellulose is an organic compound which is the major component that cell walls of plants are built of.

      Background Information

    • ABC's of Biofuels [View Experiment]
    • Switchgrass Profile [View Resource]
    • Cellulosic ethanol - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Grass Makes Better Ethanol than Corn Does: Midwestern farms prove switchgrass could be the right crop for producing ethanol to replace gasoline [View Resource]
    • Will Cellulosic Ethanol Take Off? [View Resource]
    • Biofuel: Major Net Energy Gain From Switchgrass-Based Ethanol [View Resource]
    • How Cellulosic Ethanol Works [View Resource]
    • Biofuel Economics: Will Pure Switchgrass Stands Be Required for Cellulosic Ethanol? [View Resource]
    • Switchgrass for Biofuel Production [View Resource]

      K-12 Experiments, Labs, Science Fair Projects

    • Ethanol Fuel Science Fair Projects and Experiments [View Experiment]
    • Turn Plants into Biofuel with the Power of Enzymes [View Experiment]
    • Ethanol from Grass Cellulose [View Experiment]
    • High School Science Fair Projects: Cellulosic Ethanol Team [View Experiment]
    • Show that ethanol will be produced by fermenting waste materials such as orange peels, saw dust and newspapers. [View Experiment]
    • A Comparison of the Financial Viability of Ethanol Production from Grass vs. Woodchips [View Experiment]

      College Experiments, Labs, Studies and Articles

    • Net energy of cellulosic ethanol from switchgrass [View Experiment]
    • Modeling Switchgrass Derived Cellulosic Ethanol Distribution in the United States [View Experiment]
    • Ethanol Can Contribute To Energy and Environmental Goals [View Experiment]
    • Evaluation of ammonia fibre expansion (AFEX) pretreatment for enzymatic hydrolysis of switchgrass harvested in different seasons and locations [View Experiment]
    • Historical Perspective on How and Why Switchgrass was Selected as a “Model” High-Potential Energy Crop [View Experiment]
    • Sustainable Solutions from Feedstock to Fuel for Advance Biofuel Production [View Experiment]
    • Qualitative Analysis of Evolved Gases in Thermogravimetry by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry [View Experiment]
    • Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Selected U.S. Ethanol Production and Use Pathways in 2022 [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Composition and yield of eight switchgrass cultivars [View Thesis]
    • Potential for ethanol from urban cellulosic wastes [View Thesis]
    • Evaluation of Feedstocks for Cellulosic Ethanol and Bioproducts Production in the Northwest [View Thesis]


    • Direct catalytic conversion of cellulose materials to ethanol (US Patent 7816568, 2010) [View Patent]
    • Method of processing lignocellulosic feedstock for enhanced xylose and ethanol production (US Patent 7993463, 2011) [View Patent]
    • Biomass conversion to alcohol using ultrasonic energy (US Patent 7504245, 2009) [View Patent]
    • Pretreatment process for conversion of cellulose to fuel ethanol (US Patent 6090595, 2000) [View Patent]

      See Also

    • Ethanol Fuel [View Experiment]
    • Biomass, Biofuel, and Vegetable Oil Fuel Pros & Cons [View Experiment]

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