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    Wave Power
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    Wave Power Experiments and Studies


      Wave power is the conversion of ocean surface wave energy into useful energy like power generation, etc.

      Background Information

    • Wave power - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • How Salter's Duck Works [View Resource]
    • Wave farm [View Resource]
    • Wave technologies: types of devices [View Resource]
    • How it works: Wave power station [View Resource]
    • Ocean Wave Energy [View Resource]
    • Wave power: how it works (Youtube) [View Resource]
    • Pelamis Wave Energy Converter [View Resource]
    • An Overview of Wave Energy Technologies: Status, Performance and Costs [View Resource]
    • What is an Oscillating water column (OWC)? [View Resource]
    • The Development of Wave Power [View Experiment]

      K-12 Experiments, Labs, Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

    • Water (Hydro) Energy Science Fair Projects and Experiments [View Experiment]
    • Determine if any locations along the coasts of the United States are appropriate for building wave energy power systems [View Experiment]
    • Starting to Experiment with Wave Power [View Experiment]
    • Let's Make Waves [View Experiment]
    • How to Make a Wave Powered Boat [View Experiment]

      College Experiments, Labs, Studies and Articles

    • Float-counterweight Type Wave Power Generation System: Experiments in Open Sea [View Experiment]
    • Experiments on the WavePiston, Wave Energy Converter [View Experiment]
    • Conversion of Wave Energy to Magnetic Field Energy in a Plasma Torus [View Experiment]
    • Air Turbines forWave Energy Conversion [View Experiment]
    • Wave energy utilization in Europe [View Experiment]
    • The experimental and theoretical evaluation of a twin-flap wave-energy absorbing device [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Analysis and Development of a Three Body Heaving Wave Energy Converter [View Thesis]
    • Harnessing of wave power from horizontal flow dynamics of shallow waves [View Thesis]
    • Performance Evaluation of Wave Energy Converters [View Thesis]


    • 1975: Stephen Hugh Salter "Apparatus and method of extracting wave energy" - The original "Salter's Duck" patent (US Patent 3928967, 1975) [View Patent]
    • 1979: Stephen Hugh Salter "Apparatus for use in the extraction of energy from waves on water" - Salter's method for improving "duck" efficiency (US Patent 4134023, 1975) [View Patent]
    • 2001: Piezoelectric rotary electrical energy generator (US Patent 6194815, 2001) [View Patent]
    • 2004: Wave energy converters utilizing pressure differences (US Patent 6768216, 2004) [View Patent]

      See Also

    • Hydropower [View Experiment]

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