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The purpose of this guide is to be instrumental in helping students, teachers and parents in submitting a successful, inspiring and enjoying science fair project.

Dear student: Remember that the success in this venture is only up to you.

Follows a short introduction. For in depth information consult the links below.


There are three basic types of science fair projects:

The experimental type - investigates a scientific issue by asking a question, testing a hypothesis, performing an experiment and drawing conclusions from it - what we call the scientific method.

The descriptive type - demonstrates a scientific principle / phenomenon; describes or snapshots an existing situation.

The building / engineering type - the building of a scientific / technological device or machine.

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Your display board should be a promotional presentation and not a full description of your project. Remember, the judges and readers have only a few minutes at their disposal to get impressed by your project.

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The scientific method outlines the correct way of performing scientific experiments in order to get unbiased and reliable results.

There are two main types of scientific experiments commonly used in science fair projects:

The purpose of a controlled science experiment is to find out what happens to something if you change something else while you keep all other things unchanged.

The purpose of a comparative experiment is to compare the effect of two or more different things on something.

There is a general science fair project outline requested by most teachers, competitions and judges.

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In the resource section we offer topics, ideas, experiments, and sample projects by academic level and that is a good place to begin your scientific adventure.

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Science Fair Project Guide
Science Fair Project Types
The Scientific Method - How to Experiment
The Display Board
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Repeat Famous Experiments and Inventions
Science Jokes Science Trivia

Scientists, Inventors and Explorers
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Nobel Laureates
Philosophers of Science
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Historic Patents and Inventions
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