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    There are three basic types of science fair projects:
    (Take in account that there are other classifications in existence, and not all types are allowed by all competitions.)

    The experimental type - investigates a scientific issue by asking a question, testing a hypothesis, performing an experiment and drawing conclusions from it - what we call the scientific method.

    The experimental type is the most common (but not always the only best choice).

    For example:
    • The effect of exercise on blood pressure
    • Which bleach works the best?
    • Light effects on seed germination
    • The effect of the amount of storage space and RAM on the speed of a computer
    Good sample projects of this kind:

    The descriptive type - demonstrates a scientific principle / phenomenon; describes or snapshots an existing situation.

    For example:
    • What is genetic engineering?
    • Investigate and describe the process of fermenting wine.
    • Describe different computer security methods.
    • What are the major energy sources of the State of California?
    Good sample projects of this kind:

    The building / engineering type - the building of a scientific / technological device or machine.

    For example:
    • Build a simple crystal radio set.
    • Build and investigate a Geiger counter.
    • Develop a browser programmed with Visual Basic.
    • Build a real working hovercraft.
    Good sample projects of this kind:

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