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Chemical Sensors

Which Smoke Detector Will Work Best to Alert You to the Possibility of a Fire? [E]
Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR): Using Surface Plasmons to Detect Chemical Changes [E]
Chemical Sensing with Porous Silicon on an Autonomous Robot [E]
Lead-Acid Battery Monitor [E]
Light Sensors and Measurement
Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors
Test & Measurement Circuits
Detector / Indicator / Sensor Circuits


Invader alert using a motion sensor [E]
Direct Detection of Dark Matter with LENS: A New Directionally Sensitive Low Energy WIMP Detector [E]
Build a simple cosmic ray detector that can be built by high school teachers [E]
Build a Fuse Monitor [C]
Make your own thermistor and pressure sensor. [E] [E] [E]
Demonstrate that If the number of detection zones can be larger than the number of sensors, then there is a mathematical algorithm to calculate the maximum number of detection zones given a number of sensors. [E]
Determining the Coefficient of Kinetic Friction with a Microcontroller [E]
Build Your Own Seismometer [E] [E] [E] [E]
Research different sensors and demonstrate how they work. [E]
Light Sensors and Measurement
Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors
Test & Measurement Circuits
Detector / Indicator / Sensor Circuits
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Electronics Discoveries and Inventions
Heinrich Hertz: Radio Waves
Guglielmo Marconi: Radio
Radio and Wireless Patents
Bell: Telephone Invention
The Invention of the Transistor
Konrad Zuse: Relay Computer
The Oil-Drop Experiment

Electricity Projects Famous Electro Scientists

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