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Build and program a robot that can use infrared sensors to avoid driving off the edge of a table. [E]
Build an Autonomous Arduino Robot with Bump Sensors [E]
Underwater Wireless Transmission of Data and Energy Between an Underwater Robot and a Floating Base-Station by Using Light [P]
Create an Object Following Robot With with an Ultrasonic Sensor [C]
Use the engineering design process to design, build, and test your own vibrobot. [E]
Build a Cellphone-Controlled Robot [C]
Build a Hand-Gesture-Controlled Robotic Arm With Arduino [C]
Build a Raspberry Pi Rover Robot With Smartphone Control [C]
Build a Simple DIY Walking Robot [C]
Build a Hexapod Walker Robot With Raspberry Pi [C]
Build a Low-power R2-D2 Droid Badge With E-paper Display [C]
Sensor Robot Maze [E]
Which Robotic Apparatus Picks Up a Cone the Fastest? [E]
Calculating the 3D position of an object from a single source using rotating magnetic fields [P]
Build Statues That Come Alive When They See You [E]
The Behavior of a Swarm of Simple Robots Expressing Collective Intelligence [E]
Force Sensing Techniques for Robotic Arms [E]
Build a dancing robot and improve its design to make it sturdier. [E]
Compare the performance of solar and battery power for a bristlebot in different weather conditions. [E]
Build a basic obstacle-avoiding robot and improve the design to help it avoid getting stuck. [E]
Find an affordable (less than 100 dollars) and simple way to build a robot that would be able to walk through different terrains nearly as well as the LittleDog. [E]

Build a Self-Driving Robot that Can Automatically Follow a Line [E]
Build a light-tracking robot and adjust the design to improve the robot's performance. [E]
Build a motion-activated guard robot and adjust its behavior to avoid false alarms. [E]
Use a Computer to Design, Simulate, & Race Robots with VoxCAD [E]
Build a vibrating robot that generates drawings and investigate how attaching different weights to the motor changes the way it draws (primary school). [E]
Build different versions of the BristleBot and see which type goes the fastest (primary school). [E]
Use a LEGO Mindstorms kit to build a robotic dog that you train to "walk" using a flashlight as a virtual leash (elementary school). [E]
Build a LEGO Mindstorms robot that you can push and pull by programming it to maintain a preset distance from your hand (elementary school). [E]
What are the important variables to consider when you are building an automated solar tracking system with Arduino? [P]
Build an All-Terrain Robot [E]
Build a Robot to Protect Your Treasures [E]
Build a robot from VEX parts and a colored marker that creates art. [E]

Build a robot bug from toothbrushes, two motors, and two light sensors that can steer left or right toward a light source. [E]
Define whether the distance that a robot can run correctly in a maze is dependent on the amount of time spent on programming. [P]
Is it possible to translate English instructions into compilable code that a robot can execute? [P]
Building Robots with LEGO� Mindstorms� [E]
Discover if a human is better than a program for controlling a robot. [E]
Build a voice controlled robot. [E]
Determining the Accuracy of an Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor vs. an IR Proximity Sensor using Autonomous Robots [E]
The use of a potentiometer for a conceptual human-robotic interface. [E] [P] [P]

Distributed Robotics: An Intelligent System [P]
Minimizing the Effect of GPS Multipath on a Autonomous Mobile Vehicle [E] [E] [E] [E]
Can a Braitenberg Vehicle React to Sound? [E]
Which batteries provide power at a consistent rate for robotics efficient use. [E]
The Effect of Error Correction Routines on the Efficiency of a Robot [P]
Build a Small 2 Level Robot (SmallBot) [C]
Build a walking robot [P]
Research Robotic Warfare [E]
Robots in everyday life [P]
A robot controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) [P]
Control and Automation Projects
Autonomous Robots Projects
Machine Vision Projects
Sensors, Test & Measurement Projects
Detector / Indicator / Sensor Circuits
Artificial Intelligence
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