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Improving Recycling Methods Through Robotic Devices (7-9) [P]
Robo Nurse is an autonomous robotic device that will help seniors to do many everyday tasks: dispensing of medications, blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate check and automatic alert calls to family and friends (10-12). [P]
Robotic Firemen [P]
ARM: Autonomus Robotic Miner [P]
A robotic system that will test soil conditions and relay information to a computer to suggest possible types and amounts of fertilizers [P]
Artificial Intelligence Developments- Making Computers Think [P]
PIP is an iris scanner that will be used to eliminate Identity Theft with Automatic Teller Machines worldwide. [P]
Body MASS: Multi Analysis Sensory System is an artificial intelligence system that monitors vital signs and nutrient and mineral levels. [P]
Automatic Correcting Eyeglasses [P]
SCNCM (Self Constructing Nano-Collector Molecules): in dialysis, it locates impurities in the blood and deposits them into an artificial kidney before being eliminated into the urinary system. [P]
A.M.D.S.S. Automated Motion Detector Security System [P]
The Human Touch prosthetic limb allows amputees to sense the world through artificial skin. [P]
Robot Ick Disposer (R.I.D.) finds pet waste which can be used for fuel or compost. [P]
An artificial gene that will replace or fix the p53 gene if it is mutated by cancer [P]
A Nano-robot capable of traveling through the human body, locate the dangerous tumor, and destroy it. [P]
Cholestrobots: Tiny robots will prevent future heart attacks. [P]
Artificial Induced Respiration [P]
Bio-Artificial Insulin-Producing Pancreas [P]
The Pet Dream Automatic Pet Door creates a permanent stain on a pet's ear that enables the unlocking a pet's door when the animal approaches. [P]
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