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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Compare short term memory according to gender and age. [P] [P]
Do Males and Females Play the Same Types of Games? [E]
The Effect of Gender on Short-Term Recall [P]
Determine if there is a relationship between short-term memory and gender in nine year-olds. [P]
Determine whether a word’s meaning interferes with seventh grade boys more than girls to state the word’s color. [P]
Gender Medicine Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Learn about the human behavior called delay of gratification, and to determine how delayed gratification depends on gender and attention. [E]
Investigate differences in the way boys and girls express emotion, including facial, verbal and physiological differences. [E]
The Effects of Contagious Yawns on Males and Females [E]
Identify the types of fears people have depending upon their gender and their age [E]
Find out whether males or females have a better ability to interpret facial expressions. [E]
Does Gender Affect Behavioral Responses to Frustration? [E]
Find out if weight perceptions among middle school girls and boys are different. [E]
Effects of age and gender on choices in the Prisoner's Dilemma game [E] [E]
Gender Comparison of the Stroop Effect: Interference of Word Meaning on Ability to State Word’s Color [E] [P]
Are females and males equally accurate in identifying emotions portrayed through facial expressions? [E]
Test whether gender accounts for differences in reading scores at Santa Fe Christian (SFC) school between grades 1 and 3. [E]
The Effects of Height and Gender on Personal Space Requirements in Preadolescent Students [E]

Determine if male or female gender has better memory. [P] [E]
Determine if people perceive unstable optical illusions differently based on hand-dominance, eye-dominance, age and gender. [E] [E]
Does Gender Play a Role in the Ability to Create a 3D Object from a 2D Representation? [E]
Mathematics: Is There a Gender Difference? [E]
Determining the Effects of Aging, Gender, and Education on Brain Hemisphere Communication [E]
Find out if laughing will lower blood pressure, and if so, will gender affect the amount of change in the blood pressure. [E]
The need of personal space in males and females [E]
Are people stereotyped about whether males or females drive faster? [E]
The effects of gender on reaction time. [E] [P]
Are rules about friendships outside the clique stricter for girls than boys? [P]
Determine whether males or females use the left or right side of their brain more frequently. [E] [E] [E]
Does gender affect the kind of repetitive dreams? [P]
Which gender identifies blurred pictures better?
Gender Medicine Science Fair Projects and Experiments
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
A Relationship between Teacher Gender and an Increased Achievement of Female Students in Secondary Science [E]
Determine if males and females respond differently to frustration. [E]
Gender Differences: Body Image [E]
Examined the differences of gender and grade level regarding cell phone use in class. [E]
The Effects of Age and Gender on Parenting Styles [E]
Are there Sex Differences in Jealousy? [E]
Which form of cyber bullying is most commonly used and which gender is more likely to be targeted between rural and urban areas. [P]
Gender Differences in Multitasking [E]
Demonstrate that male children are more influenced from the violence in cartoons compared to female children. Proves also that male children perform much more violently after watching cartoons that contain a great amount of violence. [E]
The differences between males and females in relation to flashbulb memories and recollection from September 11 [P]
The effect of music on the braking reaction time among male and female teenage drivers [E]

How age, gender, and educational level affect knowledge of genetics? [E]
Evaluate if there is significant gender difference among fifth graders when performing the modified Stroop test. [E] [P]
The impact of race, gender, or school environment on the rate of occurrence of eating disorders [E] [E] [P]
Gender difference and dieting [P]
Eating habits among males and females [E]
Compare flying capabilities of males vs. females [E]
Determine if gender affects visual selective attention. [E]
Evidence for gender differences in visual selective attention; P Merritt, E Hirshman, W Wharton, B Stangl, J Devlin, a Lenz; Personality and Individual Differences (2007); Volume: 43, Issue: 3, Pages: 597-609
Gender Medicine Science Fair Projects and Experiments
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