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Elementary School - Grades 4-6
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Compare short term memory according to gender and age. [P] [P]
Do Males and Females Play the Same Types of Games? [E]
The Effect of Gender on Short-Term Recall [P]
Determine if there is a relationship between short-term memory and gender in nine year-olds. [P]
Determine whether a word’s meaning interferes with seventh grade boys more than girls to state the word’s color. [P]
Gender Medicine Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
Learn about the human behavior called delay of gratification, and to determine how delayed gratification depends on gender and attention. [E]
Investigate differences in the way boys and girls express emotion, including facial, verbal and physiological differences. [E]
The Effects of Contagious Yawns on Males and Females [E]
Identify the types of fears people have depending upon their gender and their age [E]
Find out whether males or females have a better ability to interpret facial expressions. [E]
Does Gender Affect Behavioral Responses to Frustration? [E]
Find out if weight perceptions among middle school girls and boys are different. [E]
Effects of age and gender on choices in the Prisoner's Dilemma game [E] [E]
Gender Comparison of the Stroop Effect: Interference of Word Meaning on Ability to State Word’s Color [E] [P]
Are females and males equally accurate in identifying emotions portrayed through facial expressions? [E]
Test whether gender accounts for differences in reading scores at Santa Fe Christian (SFC) school between grades 1 and 3. [E]
The Effects of Height and Gender on Personal Space Requirements in Preadolescent Students [E]

Determine if male or female gender has better memory. [P] [E]
Determine if people perceive unstable optical illusions differently based on hand-dominance, eye-dominance, age and gender. [E] [E]
Does Gender Play a Role in the Ability to Create a 3D Object from a 2D Representation? [E]
Mathematics: Is There a Gender Difference? [E]
Determining the Effects of Aging, Gender, and Education on Brain Hemisphere Communication [E]
Find out if laughing will lower blood pressure, and if so, will gender affect the amount of change in the blood pressure. [E]
The need of personal space in males and females [E]
Are people stereotyped about whether males or females drive faster? [E]
The effects of gender on reaction time. [E] [P]
Are rules about friendships outside the clique stricter for girls than boys? [P]
Determine whether males or females use the left or right side of their brain more frequently. [E] [E] [E]
Does gender affect the kind of repetitive dreams? [P]
Which gender identifies blurred pictures better?
Gender Medicine Science Fair Projects and Experiments
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Compare growth vs. fixed mindset in Honor and CP level senior high school students and see if there is any effect of early class separation and gender on mindset scores. [E]
A Relationship between Teacher Gender and an Increased Achievement of Female Students in Secondary Science [E]
Determine if males and females respond differently to frustration. [E]
Gender Differences: Body Image [E]
Examined the differences of gender and grade level regarding cell phone use in class. [E]
The Effects of Age and Gender on Parenting Styles [E]
Are there Sex Differences in Jealousy? [E]
Which form of cyber bullying is most commonly used and which gender is more likely to be targeted between rural and urban areas. [P]
Gender Differences in Multitasking [E]
Demonstrate that male children are more influenced from the violence in cartoons compared to female children. Proves also that male children perform much more violently after watching cartoons that contain a great amount of violence. [E]
The differences between males and females in relation to flashbulb memories and recollection from September 11 [P]
The effect of music on the braking reaction time among male and female teenage drivers [E]

How age, gender, and educational level affect knowledge of genetics? [E]
Evaluate if there is significant gender difference among fifth graders when performing the modified Stroop test. [E] [P]
The impact of race, gender, or school environment on the rate of occurrence of eating disorders [E] [E] [P]
Gender difference and dieting [P]
Eating habits among males and females [E]
Compare flying capabilities of males vs. females [E]
Determine if gender affects visual selective attention. [E]
Evidence for gender differences in visual selective attention; P Merritt, E Hirshman, W Wharton, B Stangl, J Devlin, a Lenz; Personality and Individual Differences (2007); Volume: 43, Issue: 3, Pages: 597-609
Gender Medicine Science Fair Projects and Experiments
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