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Primary School - Grades K-3
P=Project   E=Experiment
Demonstrate how information gets interpreted, and often distorted or changed. [E]
Elementary School - Grades 4-6
P=Project   E=Experiment
The Brain and Dyslexia [P]
Find out if Mental Imagery or Physical Practice produces better results in learning a skill. [P]
See if kindergarteners recognize photographs or drawings better. [E]
What is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)? [P]
Learning Disability Disorders Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Language Learning & Cognition Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Mathematics Learning & Cognition Science Fair Projects and Experiments
The Stroop Effect Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Interdisciplinary Topic: Intelligence
Middle School - Grades 7-9
P=Project   E=Experiment
A Software Application as a Learning Platform for Increasing Memory Retention of Definitions of Words [E]
Electronic Media vs. Paper: Effect on Teenagers' Reading Comprehension [E]
Test how positive, negative, and punishment reinforcement differ in their effect on studentsí learning. [P] [P]
Can the implementation of a virtual competitor really motivate students to work harder and perform better in online learning? [P] [P]
Identify how students perceive their grades relative to class averages and how knowing or not knowing the class average affects students performance, emotions and goals. [P] [P]
The effect of academic exams stress on pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation level of students (SpO2) [E]
The effect of sleep amount on learning and academic performance [P] [P]
Does aerobic exercise improve cognitive function? [P] [P]
Learn about Piaget's theory of conservation and to investigate when children learn about the equality of numbers and mass. [E]
Evaluate the effectiveness and impact of cognitive training aimed at improving memory functioning for people in the mild to moderate stages of AD (Alzheimer's Disease). [E] [E]
What is Dyslexia? [E]
Find out who is a better learner, children or adults, through three phases of chess. [E]
Determine if doodling could help a person improve their attention level while listening to a classroom lesson. [E]

Find out if age affects a person's ability to adapt to a computer mouse that inverted the direction of motion of the cursor on the computer screen. [E]
Who knows better about the up coming election - 7th and 8th grade students or random people off the street. [E]
Rubik's Cube: Does Age Affect Performance? [E]
Will students improve Their GPA by playing sports. [E]
Can people really pay attention to two things at once? [E]
Compare how accurately people make comparisons of areas using a map vs. a bar graph. [E]
Are boys or girls better at spatial intelligence tests? [P]
Is preparatory testing efficient? [P]
How caffeine influences teenager performance during a complex test. [E]
Teaching Techniques [E]
See if attending preschool had an effect on children. [E]
The more subgroups a school has the more difficult it is for them to be making good AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress). [E]
Investigate if people can multitask and if they can, how it affects the quality and quantity of their work. [E]

Find out if playing a musical instrument affects logic ability of middle school students. [E]
The effects of cell phone use by students in school on school life and academic achievements [E] [E] [E] [E]
Find if subliminal messages can affect the brain and its everyday functions. [E]
See if the similarities and differences in learning styles (Tactile Kinesthetic, Visual and/or Auditory) between students and their teachers affect the academic success of the students. [E]
Determine whether adults remember information better by hearing it spoken, or by hearing it sung in a familiar tune [E]
Breakfast foods and day performance [P]
Investigate if the consumption of fast foods containing high concentrations of monosodium glutamate (MSG), such as Doritos Cooler Ranch chips, cause the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in children, and is a possible cause of misdiagnosis of ADD. [E]
How Does Noise Pollution Affect the Concentration Levels of Teens? [E]
Can sleep affect our learning ability and memory? [E] [P]
How a group's average compares to expert judgment? [E]
Does Gender Play a Role in the Ability to Create a 3D Object from a 2D Representation? [E]
Do Rats Learn Faster with Peer Pressure? [E]
Do You Miss Out in Learning When You Miss Breakfast? [E] [P]
Who has the upper hand: left-handed students or right-handed students in academic performance? [E]
The Effects of Environmental Complexity and Exercise on Learning in Mice [E]
Determining the Effects of Aging, Gender, and Education on Brain Hemisphere Communication [E]
Test Piaget's Conservation of number in children [E]
The effect of learning style on academic outcome. [E]
Which Improves Cognitive Function More, Gum Chewing or Exercise? [E]
Does the amount of sleep a student gets affect how distracted they will be by sounds when taking a test of attention? [P]
The effect of a rat age on its learning ability. [E]
The effects of smoking on intelligence [E] [E] [E] [E]
How do moderately cold temperatures affect human physical and mental performance? [E]
Which gender identifies blurred pictures better?
Learning Disability Disorders Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Language Learning & Cognition Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Mathematics Learning & Cognition Science Fair Projects and Experiments
The Stroop Effect Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Interdisciplinary Topic: Intelligence
High School - Grades 10-12
P=Project   E=Experiment
Improving learning through auto-generated study questions [P] [P]
Effect of Prior Knowledge on Guidance in Technology-Based Student-Centered Learning [E]
Construct and execute a survey to evaluate how likely participants are to draw incorrect conclusions from a visualization representing big data. [E]
See if training and practice could improve students' visual perception, whether this improvement was sustainable and how it effected students reading skill. [E]
A Relationship between Teacher Gender and an Increased Achievement of Female Students in Secondary Science [E]
Does Working While in College Influence Grade Performance? [E]
The effect of sleeping after learning on the acquisition of the new information [E]
Improving learning by encouraging student errors and challenging tests [E]
The Effects of Neurological Processing Style on PSAT and GPA Scores [E]
Does playing tetris or chess make you smarter? [E] [E]
The effect of the quality of homework on school performance [E]
Are Parrots Smarter Than a Human Two-Year-Old? [E]
Examining the Effects of Meditation Techniques on Cognitive Ability [E]

The Effects of Breathing Techniques on Test Anxiety [E]
The Effect of Multiple Intelligence Strength on School Performance [E]
Test young children's capability of opening child proof products in the hopes of discovering if they truly protect today's children. [E]
Test the hypotheses that positive attitudes and exercise will be associated with lower stress in students. [E]
Prove whether there is a causal relationship between Mozart's music and spatial-temporal reasoning in the brain. [E]
Influence of Art Instruction on the Academic Performance of Adolescents [E]
Test if G.P.A is affected by the time students spend on the internet. [E]
Determine if there is a correlation between visual perceptions and handedness. [E]
Quantitative EEG (Electroencephalograph) as an Identifier of Learning Modality [E]
Can Lemon Scent Improve How Fast Your Brain Processes Information? [E]
ADD/Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment via Hemispheric Synchronization [E]
Follow in the steps of Pavlov and Skinner and build and demonstrate the Skinner Box [E]
Does group cohesion correlate with performance in high school Classrooms? [E]
Computer based learning vs. traditional learning in test scores. [E] [E]
How age, gender, and educational level affect knowledge of genetics? [E]
Determine if age maturity affects students' grades in classroom. [E]
What type of student is more likely to cheat? [P]
The relationship between college academic success and what type of high school an individual has attended. [P]
Academic achievement and student's self-esteem [P]
The effect of noise distraction on test scores. [P]
Cooperative learning and academic achievement [P]
The effect of different effects of lighting and time of day on testing abilities. [P]
The relationship between caffeine consumption and college students study habits [P]
The effect of test anxiety on academic performance [P] [P]
Is there any correlation between pesticide use in farm fields and absenteeism from school? [E]
Is there a relationship between eating breakfast and school performance? [E] [E] [E] [P]
Research Cocktail party effect (the ability to focus one's listening attention on a single talker among a mixture of conversations and background noises, ignoring other conversations) [E] [E] [E]
Examine the relationship between sexual activity and academic performance [P]
Learning Disability Disorders Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Language Learning & Cognition Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Mathematics Learning & Cognition Science Fair Projects and Experiments
The Stroop Effect Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Interdisciplinary Topic: Intelligence
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