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Jesus Christ Quiz

1. Jesus was born in
6 AD
1000 AD
6 BC
2. Jesus was born in
Bethlehem, USA
Bethlehem, Judea
3. Who visited Mary before Jesus birth?
angel Michael
angel Gabriel
angel Raphael
4. The infant Christ was visited by the
5. Where did Jesus visit as a boy?
Solomon Temple
First Temple
Second Temple
6. Jesus was Baptized by
John the Baptist, Jerusalem
John the Baptist, Jordan River
Judas Iscariot, Jordan River
7. What does "Gospel" mean?
"good news" from Greek
Jesus Christ
8. The Gospel includes
five books
one book
four books
9. "Christ" means
in English Jesus, in Greek Messiah
in English the anointed one, in Hebrew Messiah
in English Baptist in Greek Christianity
10. Jesus first miracle was
raising the dead
healing the sick
turning water into wine
11. "Jesus Christ" is mentioned in
the Old Testament
the New Testament
12. How many apostles did Jesus nominate?
13. Jesus was betrayed by
Judas Iscariot
the Gospel of Judas
14. Jesus was executed on the orders of
the Jews
Pontius Pilate
the Crusaders
15. Jesus Christ was crucified in
1 AD
30 AD
6 BC
16. After his resurrection, Jesus first appeared to
Mary Magdalene
Virgin Mary
Paul of Tarsus

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