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Moses Bible Quiz

1. Moses` father and mother names were
Joseph and Mary
Abraham and Sarah
Amram and Jochebed
2. Moses` name in Hebrew is
Moses (the same as in modern English)
Mozez (the same as in Middle English)
Moshe (from "to come out of water" in Hebrew)
3. Moses came from the tribe of
4. The baby Moses was put in
a hut on the brink of the Nile.
an ark of bulrushes on the brink of the Jordan River.
an ark of bulrushes on the brink of the Nile.
5. The right age order is
Moses, Aaron, Miriam
they were twins
Miriam, Aaron, Moses.
6. The Pentateuch is called also
The Four Books of Moses
The Five Books of Moses
The Moses Gospel
7. Moses was raised by
the daughter of Pharaoh
his sister Miriam
his mother Jochebed.
8. Moses married
9. Moses killed
an Egyptian for beating an Egyptian
an Egyptian for beating a Hebrew
Moses never killed
10. The priest of Midian is
King David
11. Moses saw a burning bush at
Mount Moriah
Mount Horeb
Temple Mount
12. Moses transformed his rod into a
13. There were
12 Plagues
10 Plagues
7 Plagues
14. The last plague was
the death of the firstborn
15. Moses died on
Mount Sinai
Mount Nebo
Mount Horeb
16. Moses is venerated by
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Bahai Faith and others
Judaism and Christianity

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