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Bible Quiz
Old and New Testaments

1. What does “Bible” mean?
“books” from Greek
2. The Bible is sacred to
the Christian religion
the Jewish religion
3. The Old Testament is called also
the Old Book
the Hebrew Bible
the Magic Book
4. What are the three parts of the Old Testament?
The Pentagon, The Prophets, The Writings
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus
The Pentateuch, The Prophets, The Writings
5. The Pentateuch includes
four books
fifteen books
five books
6. The Pentateuch is called also
The Four Books of Jesus
The Five Books of Moses
The Gospel
7. What does "Gospel" mean?
"good news" from Greek
Jesus Christ
8. The Gospel includes
five books
one book
four books
9. What does "testament" mean?
"covenant" or "contract."
10. How many books are included in the Old Testament?
11. "Jesus Christ" is mentioned in
the Old Testament
the New Testament
12. How many books are included in the New Testament?
13. In what language was the Old Testament written?
Middle English
mainly in ancient Hebrew
14. In what language was the New Testament written?
probably in Latin.
probably in Greek.
probably in ancient Hebrew
15. When was the first translation of the Bible made into English?
1600 A.D. by Shakespeare
1382 A.D. by John Wycliffe
both answers are correct
16. What is the Gutenberg Bible?
the first book ever printed
the second book ever printed
a fancy Bible

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