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Managing the Impact of Infrastructure Projects on Endangered Species [Project]
A water purification system that cheaply and portably purifies water for third world countries [Project]
Reduce the amount of water flushed down a water closet with the same working efficiency [Project]
The effects of urban heat islands on cities and global warming [Project]
Investigate how cell phone radio-frequency waves affect the lifespan of a cricket. [Project]
Effect of fine and coarse concrete aggregate and size on groundwater pollution [Project]
CANDU (CANada Deuterium Uranium) nuclear power generator [Project]
Canadian petroleum industry and its impact on the environment [Project]
How could be hair used in absorbing oil spills? [Project]
The effects of microwaves on plants and human health [Project]
How does saltwater mix in an estuary? [Project]
The effect of phosphate on the oxygen level in pond water [Project]
Compare methods of purifying water - boiling, chlorination, ionization [Project]
The removal of E. coli K12 from water [Project]
Effects of acid rain on the life span of pond minnows. [Project]
Geothermal energy efficiency and negative effects on the environment. [Project]
Test the effectiveness of antibacterial substances on E. coli. [Project]
Determine if boiling water and the use of chlorine will kill coliforms to safe level [Project]
Test water for pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphates, coliform bacteria, iron and hardness [Project]

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