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Solar & Renewable Energy
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What temperature, humidity level and wind speed are the best for drying clothes? [P] [P]
Air drying laundry [P]
See if green algae can be tricked into producing H(2) via photosynthesis and the optimal conditions for maximum production. [E]
Inducing Anaerobic Conditions for Hydrogen Production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (a single celled green alga) [E]
Biodiesel: Transesterification of Soy and Corn Oils: Green Light for the Future [E]
Green Transportation and Energy [P]
Analysis between ADC Green (Alternative Daily Cover) and Wood Waste Using the Processes of Post-Hydrolysis vs. Enzymatic Hydrolysis and K-ligni in Order to Produce Cellulosic Ethanol [E]
A green method of making the hydrogen necessary for running hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. [E]
Environmentally-Friendly Algal Hydrogen [E]
Compare the energy efficiencies and enviromental friendliness of biofuels and fossil fuels. [P]
Compare the efficiency of banana peels, peel briquettes and coal in order to evaluate environmentally friendly fuels. [P]
Compare the energy efficiencies and enviromental friendliness of biofuels and fossil fuels. [P]
A new low-cost nanowire solar cell was constructed using environmentally-friendly synthesis, and a new tool was designed for rapid characterization. [E]
A Novel Approach to Sustained Hydrogen Production by Cycling Photosynthetic Stages in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (Algae) [E]
Saccharification of Cellulose Using Acid and Cellulase Enzymes to Produce Cellulosic Ethanol, a Sustainable Fuel [E]
See if a biofuel such as ethanol has the potential to sustain the world with a renewable and environmentally safe fuel. [E]
Which evergreen street tree had the highest carbon and ozone uptake (calculated over a year) for the following three species: California palm, Mugo pine, and Coastal live oak? [E]
The photosynthetic CO(2) uptake of a deciduous and evergreen coastal sage species to determine which plants are more favorable to the increasing carbon dioxide of our environment. [E]
New Apparatus for Testing Effect on Plant Transpiration by Two Greenhouse Gases [E]
The use of a natural method of allelopathic leaf extract treatments to eradicate Arundo donax (giant reed) in a environmentally-friendly and cost-effective manner. [E]
The most environmental friendly way to eradicate perennial weeds by using black plastics and cardboards. [E]
Find an effective at-home, eco-friendly method for the control of the glassy-winged sharpshooter, a vector for Pierce's disease. [E]
Can you sustain a garden using gray water in an environmentally safe manner? [E]
Can you sustain a garden using gray water in an environmentally safe manner? [E]
Environmental Sciences
Create a green plastic out of starch and pure glycerin, using corn starch and potato starch. [P]
Finding a green solution for cleaning oiled birds [P]
Determine whether commercially available bio-based lubricants offer viable alternatives to petroleum-based lubricants when all relevant factors [E]
Determine whether windshield washer fluid can be replaced with an organic, eco-friendly, and non-toxic fluid. [P]
Try to reduce the amount of phosphate and nitrate in water in order to reduce the amount of blue green algae blooms. [E]
Are 'Green' Detergents Less Toxic Than Conventional Detergents? [E]
Determine the viability of 'green cleaning' using rhizofiltration by looking at the efficiency of an aquatic plant such as elodea canadensis in the removal of copper from polluted effluents across a broad range of contamination levels. [E]
A green method of making the hydrogen necessary for running hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. [E]
Test different products of insulation for houses, factories, or buildings in order to reduce pollution. [E] [E]
Greenhouse Effect & Greenhouse Gases Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Make your own friendly plant extracts larvacide and test its effects on mosquitos. [E]
Helping Pinus ponderosa Fight Dendroctonus brevicomis and Dendroctonus ponderosae by demonstrating that healthy trees is the best friendly strategy. [E]
Show that it is possible to establish a flammability rating system by determining each shrub's ignitability, consumability, combustibility, & sustainability. [E]
Prove that increased leaf starch increases the process of photosynthesis in the green plant [E]
Determine whether Genipin, a naturally occurring compound found in the Gardenia plant, could be used as a fingerprinting reagent on paper, and to determine whether Genipin could be used as a green analytical reagent for qualitative and quantitative detection of amino acids, proteins and peptides. [E]
Are compact fluorescent bulbs as environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cost effective as marketed? [P]
A flying machine capable of sustained flight without wings or a visible propulsion system based only on the Biefeld-Brown effect. [E] [E]
The effects of green tea on TSV (Taura Syndrome Virus) infected shrimps [E]
Which Local Plant Extracts Will Be an Effective Pesticide on Mosquito Larvae and Still Be Safe for Other Aquatic Life? [E]
Determine which one of the three commercial flame-retardant chemicals would best prevent combustion of various species of evergreen trees. [P]
Green Preparation and Characterization of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanocrystals [E]
Can chili pepper be used to create an environmentally friendly alternative to toxic boat bottom paints? [E]
Measure the concentration of arsenic in the local waters of Pasadena (waterfalls, drinking fountains, tap water) and see whether the amounts were within safe limits according to the Environmental Protection Agency's allowed amount of 10 parts per billion. [E]
Antioxidants in Tea: A Green Defense? [E]
Do More Expensive Green Teas Have a Better Medical Effect? [E]
Green Tea: An Effective Alternative in Reducing Heartbeat Rates as Compared to Prescription Medicine [E]
Are There Health Benefits by Using Green Tea Extracts? [E] [E] [E] [E]
Determine if by adding juices with possible health benefits (green tea, pomegranate juice, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice) to antibiotics you then increase the antibiotics ability to fight bacteria. [E]
Super-Greenhouse Gases and Mars Terraforming [E] [P]
Green Building Science Fair Projects & Experiments
Reducing Energy Used by Computers Utilizing Green Technologies [E]
Regulating Thermal Comfort with Personal Peltier Modules [E]
Future Science
Ener-bahn generates electricity from asphalt in paved roadways and thereby reduces greenhouse gases and the dependency on fossil fuels. [P]
DURAROAD: a durable and environment-friendly product to replace asphalt to prevent road damage while still maintaining the qualities of asphalt roads. [P]
A unique non-petroleum based lubricant made from biodegradable, environment friendly materials, is more cost efficient than petroleum, and at the same time it will not pollute marine environments worldwide. [P]
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