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Solar & Renewable Energy
P=Project   E=Experiment
What temperature, humidity level and wind speed are the best for drying clothes? [P]
How do different sizes, angles, and temperature affect the voltage of the solar panel? [P]
The effects of water type, distilled or tap, and temperature on an hydrogen fuel cell efficiency [P]
Compare the burning time, heat output and carbon dioxide emission of ethanol, gasoline and diesel. [E]
Can algae be cultured to produce a bio-diesel fuel? Compare its characteristics as burn time and temperature to regular #2 diesel fuel? [E]
Could Galileo's Thermometer Be Adapted to Make a Simple Solar Water Pasteurization Indicator? [E] [E]
Test Photovoltaic Cells vs. Solar Thermal Energy (Stirling Engines) Efficiency [E]
Build a geothermal power plant model. [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [E] [E]
Which species of wood will produce the most thermal energy when combusted? [P] [P]
Find out if solar energy can be used to help grow plants in cold weather. [E]
Find out if the temperature of the water used to cool the condensation plate of a homemade solar powered desalination device affects the amount of desalinated water produced. [E]
Temperature effects on the energy developed by a solar panel (photovoltaic cell) [E] [E] [E] [P]
The Effect of Temperature on PEM Hydrogen Fuel Cell Efficiency [E]
Does temperature affect the performance of a fuel cell? [E] [P] [P]
Discover which shape of parabolic solar oven, between a trough and a cone, would reach a higher temperature quicker, and if insulation would make a difference in reaching higher temperatures [E]
How Does the Species of Wood Used in a Fire Affect the Resultant Temperature Produced? [E]
Solar Water Heaters & Collectors
Solar Appliances, Machines & Devices
Solar Cookers & Ovens
Solar Water Purification & Distillation
Environmental Sciences
Measure dissolved oxygen in water samples at different temperatures, and determine the saturating oxygen concentration for water samples at different temperatures. [E]
Find out if the ocean's temperature continues to increase, will its qualities such as pH, oxygen, density, and salinity hurt the ocean environment? [E]
Test landscaping materials to determine what materials could cool down our planet. [E]
Build two solar hot boxes and conduct solar thermal experiments that demonstrate the greenhouse effect. [E]
Determine the effect of temperature on the formation of trihalomethanes (THM) and determine an effective method of THM removal using filters that were either hand-made or commercially processed. [E]
Does temperature affect the rate of soil nitrification and denitrification? [P]
The Effect of Water Salinity and Temperature on Oil Spreading Rate [P]
Determine if increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would cause increases in temperature. [E]
What amount of carbon dioxide affects temperature change in the atmosphere? [E] [P]
Find out if plants affect the a sealed box. [E]
Is there a relationship between the surface water temperature and salinity of a stream? [P]
Determine if different flow rates affect the dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and a stream. [P] [P]
Compared warm temperatures (Gulf of Mexico) to freezing temperatures (Gulf of Alaska), trying to find which environment has the highest amount of oil loss with the use of oil-hungry bacteria that is a result of the degradation of the oil over a 6-day period. [E]
Global Warming / Greenhouse Effect
Earth Sciences
Predicting Sea Level Rise from Thermal Expansion [E]
The Effect of Surface Area and Volume on the Temperature and pH in a Tide Pool [E]
Test the hypothesis that warmer seas make stronger hurricanes. [E]
Does Ocean Water Temperature Affect Its Viscosity Enough to Change Waves? [P]
Can we predict future temperatures using the number of sunspots? [E]
What amount of carbon dioxide affects temperature change in the atmosphere? [P]
Is the air the same the sun and in the shade? [E]
Investigate change in water temperature as a result of El Nino. [P]
Does Temperature Affect the Salt Formation in the Dead Sea? [E]
Which combination of materials are best for Mars temperatures? [P]
Quantify the trace chemical changes induced by ultrahigh temperatures and pressure in granite samples due to meteoritic impact. [E]
Explore the effect of the lunar phase on events on Earth - temperature and birth rates. [P]
The effects of the temperature of the universe on Black Holes as the universe ages. [E]
The Global Sun Temperature Project [E]
P=Project   E=Experiment   C=Circuit
A flashlight that runs solely on the heat of the human hand [P]
How long would it take for a semiconductor device to reach a dangerously high temperature of 200įC when soldered into a circuit? [E]
Make your own thermistor and pressure sensor. [E]
Find out which is affected greater by changes in temperature - fiber optic cable or copper wire? [E]
What Is the Effect of Temperature on the Output of Semiconductor Diodes? [E]
Build a Temperature Monitor [C] [C]
Temperature Controlled Relays [C]
Build A Thermostat With Adjustable Hysteresis [C]
Build a Hot Water Level Indicator [C]
A global picture of differentially expressed transcripts in winter and spring wheat during cold acclimation [P]
Analysis of Low Temperature Regulated Genes in Wheat [P]
Do Cool Temperatures Impact the Parasitism Rate of Psyttalia humilis (parasitoid wasp)? [E]
Test if there is higher mortality of Pinyon Pines on steeper slopes and on hotter slopes (south aspect) during the last drought. [E]
Behavioral Sciences / Psychology
How do moderately cold temperatures affect human physical and mental performance? [E]
Investigate enzyme kinetics, using catalase enzyme extracted from potatoes; enzyme activity function of temperature and enzyme concentration. [E]
Biochemical Analysis of the Mechanisms of Cold Tolerance in Citrus [E]
The Effect of Temperature on DNA Extraction [E] [P]
Test the efficiency of lactase enzyme, with varying concentrations and temperatures of lactose. [E] [E]
How Does Temperature Affect the Reaction Rate between Catalase and Hydrogen Peroxide? [E]
How the rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction is affected by concentration of the enzyme, the pH of the reaction, temperature and inhibitors [E]
Forensic Science
Measure the rate of heat loss from an orange (representing a body) and see how it depends on the temperature of the surroundings. [E]
Study the science of mummification by mummifying a hot dog using baking soda. [E]
Investigate how temperature affects the blue glow created by the chemical luminol. [E]
Maggot Mass Temperature and ADH (Accumulated Degree Hours) [E]
Find out if a bigger hot air balloon will go higher than a smaller one. [E]
Energy saving at home - the thermal envelope [P] [P] [E]
Which roofing material and color offers the best energy efficiency? Challange: a new roofing material that changes colour based on temperature? [P]
Find out if the colour of a house affects the temperature inside the house in different environments and which colour absorbs more or less heat. [P]
Learn if extreme climatic temperature changes would affect the bounce height and pressure of basketballs and if a recycled ball would perform as well as a synthetic or rubber basketball. [E]
Quantifying the Effects of Temperature and Relative Humidity on Violin Pitch [E]
Thermally Accelerated Vacuum Dryer: Method for Direct Extraction of Energy from Temperature Differences in Environment [E]
Investigate how the restoring force of a rubber band varies with temperature. [E]
How Is the Rate of Escape of Helium Molecules through a Semi-permeable Membrane Affected by Varying the Temperature? [E]
See which of a variety of materials that are commonly used in home construction acts as the better insulator against heat. [E]
Out of the Three Materials, Fiber Glass, Rock Wool, or Insulation Foam, Which Works as the Best Housing Insulator? [E]
Determine which type of insulation will keep a house at room temperature during extreme weather: fiberglass, cellulose, or foam. [E]
Does the Color of Your House Affect the Temperature Inside? [E]
Which material is best for hot air balloons: nylon or polyester? [P]
Will the balloon with hot air go higher than the one with cold air? [P]
Utilizing antisense ODN technology as a means for silencing starch biosynthetic genes in wheat [P]
Determine how the output of an LED flashlight changes over time as its temperature increases. [E]
Temperature and Electricity
Food Science
Temperature Effects on Foods
Cooking & Baking
Temperature Effects on Animals
Temperature Effects on Bacteria, Algae & Fungi
Heat & Thermodynamics
The Effect of Temperature on the Growth of Red Radishes with Symbiotic Endomycorrhizae [E]
The influence of water, soil color, mulch, soil surface configuration on soil temperature [E]
Temperature Effect on Plants
Effect of Temperature on States of Matter and Material Properties
The Effects of Temperature on the Human Body
Computer Science
Compare two generations of Intel microprocessors - Nehalem and Sandy Bridge - in regard to temperature, voltage and clock rate. [P]
The Effects of Temperature on the Human Body
Temperature Interdisciplinary Topics
Interdisciplinary Topic: Energy
Interdisciplinary Topic: Fire
Future Science
A window in which the tint can be adjusted to help save money and use less energy to regulate the office buildings, and even homes [P]
A filter that will heat landfill dioxins to high temperatures to destroy them [P]
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): a crib will utilize sensors to monitor the infantís heart rate, breathing, body temperature, pressure of the mattress and will alert the guardian if necessary. [P]
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