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    Acid Rain
    K-12 Experiments & Background Information
    For Science Labs, Lesson Plans, Class Activities & Science Fair Projects
    For Elementary, Middle and High School Students & Teachers

    Acid Rain Experiments

      Background Information

    • Acid rain - Wikipedia [View Experiment]
    • Acid Rain - EPA [View Experiment]
    • Acid Rain - USGS [View Experiment]
    • Acid Rain and how it affects fish and other aquatic organisms [View Experiment]

      K-12 Experiments, Labs, Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

    • Acid Rain Experiments: What is a buffer? What happens to the pH of a buffered solution when acid or base is added, and how does this compare to an unbuffered solution? [View Experiment]
    • Observing the Influence of Acid Rain on Plant Growth - EPA [View Experiment]
    • The damaging effects of acid rain on plants - MSTE [View Experiment]
    • Influences of SO2, NO and bicarbonate from limestone on lake acidity - Tricia A. Ferrett, Carleton College [View Experiment]
    • Acid Rain Simulation - PASCO [View Experiment]
    • How acid rain is formed - Brooklyn College [View Experiment]
    • Impacts of Air Pollution & Acid Rain on Vegetation [View Experiment]
    • Acid Rain Science Fair Projects and Experiments [View Experiment]
    • pH Experiments [View Experiment]
    • Acid Rain Experiments - EPA [View Experiment]
    • Use lemon juice, water, and bean plants to simulate the effects of acid rain on the environment. [View Experiment]
    • Observe the effect of acid rain on plants [View Experiment]
    • Lab: Simulate acid rain by burning sulfur in the air and then adding water and test its impact on life [View Experiment]
    • Biology Lab: Acid Rain and Seed Germination [View Experiment]
    • Learning About Acid Rain (Grades 6-8) - EPA [View Experiment]

      Studies and Research Projects

    • Coal Pollution in China [View Experiment]
    • Approaches in Modeling the Impact of Air Pollution-Induced Material Degradation [View Experiment]
    • National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program Report to Congress [View Experiment]
    • Acid Rain: A Continuing National Tragedy [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Assessment of the Emission Trading Policy: A case study for the Acid Rain Program in the United States [View Experiment]
    • The Influence of Acid Rain on Mycorrhizae: The Roles of Nitrate and Sulfate Ions and Indole Acetic Acid in the Development of Pisolithus Tinctorius on Pinus Taeda L. [View Experiment]
    • Using Emissions Trading to Achieve Sulfur Dioxide Reduction in China [View Experiment]
    • Statistical Analysis of the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Acid Deposition in the West Midlands, England, United Kingdom [View Experiment]
    • Studies on Pollution Status of Bondamunda Area of Rourkela Industrial Complex [View Experiment]

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