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    Stroop Effect
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    Stroop Effect Experiments, Labs and Studies


      The Stroop effect occurs when there isn't an identity between a word's (or a few words') print color and its semantic meaning. For example, the word "red" is printed in blue. In this case, it's much more difficult to process the word in the brain and to pronounce it in comparision to a situation when the word "red" is printed in red.

      Blue Brown Green Yellow Red

      Blue Brown Green Yellow Red

      Reading the first line of the colored words is easier and quicker than the second. That's a simple demonstration of the Stroop effect.

      Background Information

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      K-12 Experiments, Tests, Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

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      College Experiments, Labs, Studies and Articles

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      Theses and Dissertations

    • Working Memory Load and Stroop Interference Effect [View Thesis]
    • Neurocognitive studies of music reading [View Thesis]
    • Category-effects and stimulus characteristics in visual perception [View Thesis]
    • Auditory localisation: contributions of sound location and semantic spatial cues [View Thesis]

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