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    Solar Still
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    Solar Still Experiments and Studies


      A solar still is a device, basically a pool or basin, that collects solar energy in order to purify or desalinate salty or brackish water by water evaporation and the condensation of the resulting vapors.

      Background Information

    • Solar Still Basics [View Resource]
    • Solar Still - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Solar Water Purification & Distillation Resources [View Resource]

      Build a Solar Still

    • Build a Simple Solar Still [View Experiment]
    • How to Make a Solar Still for Purifying Water in the Wilderness [View Experiment]
    • Solar Still Building Instructions [View Experiment]
    • How to make a solar still [View Experiment]
    • Collect Water in a Solar Still [View Experiment]
    • Solar Water Plant (Still & Pump) Construction and Design Details [View Experiment]
    • Solar Water Still Plans [View Experiment]
    • Watercone Solar Still Mage Water Management [View Experiment]
    • Survival Solar Still [View Experiment]

      K-12 Experiments, Labs, Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

    • Rain Machine (Solar Still) Lesson Plan [View Experiment]
    • Solar Distiller [View Experiment]
    • Can you distill clean water from muddy water and salty water? [View Experiment]
    • Water and Sanitation Lesson Plan – TeachUnicef[View Experiment]
    • Solar Still Challenge [View Experiment]
    • Water Purification with Solar Energy [View Experiment]

      College Experiments, Labs, Studies and Articles

    • Ten Years of Solar Distillation Application Along the U.S.-Mexico Border [View Experiment]
    • Solar Water Purification for the Border: Solar Distillation [View Experiment]
    • Solar Water Purification & Distillation Science Fair Projects and Experiments [View Experiment]
    • Modeling and Verification of Double Slope Single Basin Solar Still Using Laboratory and Actual Solar Conditions [View Experiment]
    • Performance Analysis of Vapour Adsorption Solar Still Integrated with Mini-solar Pond for Effluent Treatment [View Experiment]
    • Experimental Investigation of Ethanol Distillation System with different Types of Solar Collectors [View Experiment]
    • Experimental study of the basin type solar still under local climate conditions [View Experiment]
    • Solar water distillation with a cooling tube [View Experiment]
    • Distillation of Ethyl Alcohol from Fermented Sweet Sorghum Solution by Solar Energy [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on Solar Distillation of İYTE Gülbahçe Campus Area Seawater [View Thesis]
    • Development of an advanced passive solar still with separate condenser [View Thesis]
    • The study of a double effect basin solar still [View Thesis]


    • Pneumatic solar still (US Patent 3337418, 1967) [View Patent]
    • High performance solar still (US Patent 4235679, 1980) [View Patent]
    • Plastic covered solar still (US Patent 4966655, 1990) [View Patent]
    • Wind powered solar still (US Patent 4230531, 1980) [View Patent]

      See Also

    • Solar Desalination [View Experiment]

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