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    Solar Desalination
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    Solar Desalination Experiments and Studies


      Solar desalination is a method to desalinate salt or brackish water by using solar energy.

      Background Information

    • Solar desalination - Wikipedia [View Resource]
    • Solar humidification [View Resource]
    • Solar still [View Resource]
    • Large scale solar desalination using multi effect humidification [View Resource]
    • Off-shore Solar Water Energy Plants [View Resource]
    • A natural solution for drinking water, now practical [View Resource]
    • Seawater desalination using renewable energy sources [View Resource]

      K-12 Experiments, Labs, Lesson Plans and Science Fair Projects

    • Build and test a solar-powered device for desalinating water [View Experiment]
    • Solar Water Purification & Distillation Science Fair Projects and Experiments [View Experiment]
    • Find out if the temperature of the water used to cool the condensation plate of a homemade solar powered desalination device affects the amount of desalinated water produced. [View Experiment]
    • Can you survive on just saltwater and sun? [View Experiment]
    • Solar-Powered Water Desalination Science Project [View Experiment]
    • Make freshwater from saltwater using solar power and the water cycle, and investigate how salinity affects this process. [View Experiment]

      College Experiments, Labs, Science Fair Projects, Lesson Plans, Studies and Articles

    • Seawater desalination using renewable energy sources [View Experiment]
    • Effects of a Solar Desalination Module integrated in a Greenhouse Roof on Light Transmission and Crop Growth [View Experiment]
    • A Geometrical Modification of Multi-Stage Solar Desalination Still [View Experiment]
    • Solar energy, power generation and desalination systems [View Experiment]
    • An experimental investigation of an improved incline solar water desalination system in Famagusta [View Experiment]
    • Solar Desalination by Indirect Heating [View Experiment]
    • Study on the heating performance of seawater desalination brine by solar energy [View Experiment]
    • Use of Cadmium Sulphide as Photocatalyst in Solar Desalination [View Experiment]

      Theses and Dissertations

    • Theoretical and Experimental Simulation of Passive Vacuum Solar Flash Desalination [View Experiment]
    • Greenhouse Systems with Integrated Water Desalination for Arid Areas Based on solar Energy [View Thesis]
    • Improving the Performance of Solar Stills using Sun Tracking [View Thesis]
    • Emergy analysis of desalination systems [View Thesis]


    • Wind-solar desalination farm and park system (US Patent 7771568, 2010) [View Patent]
    • Solar powered water desalination system with a regenerative fixture (US Patent 4235678, 1980) [View Patent]
    • Desalination of salt water by solar energy means (US Patent 4135985, 1979) [View Patent]

      See Also

    • Solar Still [View Experiment]
    • Solar Water Disinfection & Pasteurisation [View Experiment]

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