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    Experiments and Labs of Interest

  • The relationship between the angle of illumination and the shadow's length [View Experiment]
  • Create your own impact craters using various household "meteors." [View Experiment]
  • Build your own comet [View Experiment]
  • A Classical & Relativistic Trip to a Black Hole - PBS [View Experiment]
  • Make an equatorial sundial, horizontal sundial, diptych dial, equiangular dial, Capuchin sundial [View Experiment]
  • Why is the Sky Blue: Experiment and Demonstration - Exploratorium [View Experiment]
  • Terraforming Mars, The Noble Experiment? [View Experiment]
  • Henry Cavendish: Weighing the Earth [View Experiment]
  • Eratosthenes: The Measurement of the Earth's Circumference [View Experiment]
  • Finding the Size of the Sun and Moon [View Experiment]
  • Are Sunspots Really on the Sun? (Galileo's Dilemma) [View Experiment]
  • NASA Expedition 11 Experiments [View Experiment]
  • Investigate how the constellations change in the night sky over different periods of time. [View Experiment]
  • The Berkeley Lab Cosmic Ray Telescope Project [View Experiment]

    More Experiments by Topic

  • Asteroid
  • Black Hole
  • Comet
  • Constellation
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Earth
  • Eratosthenes: Measurement of the Earth's Circumference
  • Mars
  • Meteor
  • Meteorite
  • Micrometeorite / Micrometeoroid
  • Miller-Urey Experiment
  • Moon
  • Nova
  • Nebula
  • Pluto Redefinition as a Dwarf Planet
  • Radio Astronomy & Radio Telescope
  • Saturn
  • Solar Cycle
  • Solar System
  • Space Shuttle (NASA)
  • Space Shuttle (Soviet)
  • Space Station
  • Star
  • Sun
  • Sundial
  • Sunspot
  • Supernova
  • Terraforming
  • White Dwarf
  • Why is the Sky Blue?
  • Astronomy Science Fair Projects & Experiments
  • Safety Resources

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